Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Pitching Thing Again

Not to repeat the "let's everybody support Cisco! Yey Cisco!" mantra too many times in a week but... he did pitch 3 scoreless innings today. He only allowed 2 hits; faced 12 batters; had a good-looking ratio of groundouts to flyouts. I know it's Spring Training and it was only three innings, but it was pretty encouraging wasn't it? I'm encouraged by it for sure.

I think we'll just not talk about the loss thing. Really not worth mentioning.

But there are a few other things about today's game that are worth bringing up. Let's everybody give Delmon a big round of applause for getting hit by a pitch today. That's never a good time and I'm of the opinion that it stinks a little bit more during spring training. And both Gomez and and Span stole a base today, which is always pretty cool right?

In other news today apparently the Minnesota Pitchers Taking their Love of Brad Radke Disease (also known as Fishglue and Dreams Syndrome, to borrow a phrase from Batgirl) is even spreading to former Minnesota pitchers. Seems our buddy Johan Santana is working through some tenderness in his throwing elbow. He did throw 46 pitches in a bullpen session today and sounds pretty determined to start opening day. Really that just sucks. I still love Johan very much and really any arm issues makes me nervous for him.

In an effort to end this post on a lighter note than Johan losing his arm, why not watch him throw some "other strikes?"
Seriously, it'll make you smile.


Anonymous said...

loved the bowling video... I want a baseball-looking bowling ball!


Sam said...

Haha nice! I dig the baseball bowling ball as well...they should start selling those. I'd buy one for SURE.

Not only can I not pitch, apparently I can't even hit a pitch by an animated character...Schlotzsky's is running a contest right now to win a trip to St. Louis, Missouri in July, personalized mini-bats and other baseball stuff, and they have a game on the site ( - it seems easy but give it a try; it's actually a bit tricky, haha!

The contest runs until 5/31/09, so check it out if it sounds intriguing...

Thanks for the video!

S.Rail said...

Whoa! Who knew of a baseball bowling ball? That is pretty awesome.

Poor Liriano. He had a great "game". A win would have made it a great day.