Thursday, March 26, 2009

NOTHING is more adorable than Matt Tolbert holding a puppy and eating an ice cream cone.

I caved and went to the doctor yesterday. I hate going to the doctor. In addition to my prescription they gave me a list of recommendations, which included "Humidifier." I tried to explain that I don't want a $50 contraption. I just want the magic pills that will make me human again. I currently have to sleep 14 hours a day so that I can work 8 hours a day, which leaves me just 2 hours for showering, teeth-brushing and foraging for food. It's inconvenient. It's baseball season. Almost.

Anyway, I was at Target and I DID see a humidifier I would probably buy for the name alone, if I wanted a humidifier. It was called "The Adorable Humidifier." I'm not joking. It looked like a frog. Which is all right, I suppose. Frogs are OK. I'm not sure it's that adorable though. I mean, it's no Matt Tolbert holding a puppy and eating an ice cream cone, that's for sure.

[Note to humidifier marketers: If you made a humidifier that looked like Matt Tolbert holding a puppy and eating an ice cream cone, I would buy it. Even if I didn't want a humidifier.]

Anyway, I hope to be back to form soon.

I've listened to or watched every S.T. game thus far, because that in and of itself requires no energy at all, and it makes me happy. Except when we lose, which just makes me swear.

Noteable things that I've remembered from the past few games:

  • Sunday when the Twins were way ahead, and they started holding runners up instead of letting them score out of courtesy, I thought "If the Twins are that worried about a big lead, they should just put Jose Mijares in." And then they did. And I laughed. And then he got hurt and I felt a little bit bad.
  • I might start a new religion based on Kevin Slowey and his magical bat. There's not much I love more than pitchers that can hit. This solidifies my resolve to roadtrip during interleague.
  • Justin Morneau homeruns never get old.
Other things of note:
  • If you Google the phrase "Feral Weiner Dog," this blog has the numero uno listing. I'm quite proud of this fact.
  • I'm also proud to be representing all of womankind in ESPN's Play Ball With Amanda and Melissa Podcast's listener fantasy baseball league, The Battle of the Sexes. You can listen to today's podcast at to hear my entry, which includes a familiar Those Girls reference to my favorite baseball stats. I have the best nickname, in my opinion....."Totally Awesome Sarah." If you listen to the podcast and all the dudes' should know that hearing one entry flipped my blood-thirsty uber-competitive switch to ON. I believe my immediate response was "I. Will. Crush. You." Should be good times! Stay tuned!
  • Looks like there's some interest in banding together to get a table with a player at the Twins Luncheon on 4/8. If we can get 9 people, it'll cost $77.78 a person. That's a lot of 7's (it's actually an infinite number of 7's, but I rounded up). Which is lucky. This only confirms my suspicion that this is a very very good idea. I think we need like 3 more people. Leave a comment or send me an email soon if you think you might be interested.


Tricia said...

Count me in. I think that luncheon is a lovely idea.

Harris_fan said...

i wish i could..
im only 14 qnd dont have a job yet. you better hurry though because i think i read you have to do it by the 30th. Good Luck and have fun. Take lots of pics if you do, i wish i could go soo bad!!
Take a pictureof Harris if you can and do end up going.

Anonymous said...

You honestly never cease to make me laugh... :) I hope you're feeling better!

Jeremiah said...

Hell with the humidifier, that should be his bobble-head!

S.Rail said...


Tolbert holding puppy eating icecream cone humidifier=Makes my room look good! :D

Heidi said...

Is there a photo of Tolbert holding a puppy whilst eating ice cream? Because the mental image it is conjuring for me is downright adorable.

Katie said...

No picture that I'm aware of Heidi. I just tried to think of the singular most adorable thing possible. And it happened to be Matt Tolbert. Holding a puppy (I'm thinking fluffy Golden Retriever?). AND eating an ice cream cone (mint chocolate chip).

I think if one is going to declare something "THE Adorable Humidifier" they should model it after THE most Adorable thing possible. Frogs aren't it.

Oh...if only there WERE a picture...

Anonymous said...

I swear by my Humidifier... If only for it's morning-booger-elimination potential. I have a non-cute one, simply because I have more faith in industrial-looking mechanisms. What also works is boiling a big pot of water on the stove top. To make it smell extra nice, put some vanilla extract and cinnamon in the water (in the pot, not the humidifier).

I wish I could join the baseball lunch... but until further notice, I'm trying to cut expenses back while I entertain the idea of buying a house. I plan to more than make up for it once I build my Twins themed bar in the basement/rec room of my Pretend Yet To Be Purchased House.


PS. I also saw a Twins themed Garden Gnome for sale at the Dome last year... how cute would that be in my Pretend Yet to Be Purchased Yard/Garden?

Jeremiah said...

It's not Matt Tolbert eating ice cream and holding a golden retriever, but it IS Justin Morneau making Matt Tolbert laugh.

Katie said...

Awww. Very cute. Especially because Matt looks like he could be Justin's less-Canadian little brother. Thanks for sharing, Jeremiah!