Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Luncheon Last Call: Top 7 Reasons You Should Buy a Seat With Us

We have until Friday to register online for our table at the '09 Twins Welcome Home Luncheon next Wednesday 4/8, 11:30am-1:30pm.  Which means we have til Friday to figure the logistics out of getting the money to one place and getting it done.  So, like our beloved Minnesota Twins, we have to finalize a roster.  Like NOW.

As of right now, I have 3 confirmed spots, and a few others who have expressed tentative interest.  I know we have 3 or 4 open spots for sure.  Email baseballhappyhour@gmail.com to confirm your interest.  

Details...if we get all 9 seats filled (the 10th chair would belong to our Twins Player Lunchmate), it'll cost $77.78/person.  

Now...to the important stuff...

Top 7 8 Reasons You Should Buy A Seat At Our Twins Luncheon Table:

  • If Michael Cuddyer is our Lunchmate, he might do magic tricks for us.  That's like dinner and a show!  Bonus!
  • No matter which player we get, we'll be able to finally ask all those hard-hitting questions the so-called "journalists" refuse to ask.  Like: --What is your happiest childhood memory?  --Do you like puppies? --What's your favorite flavor of Propel Fitness Water?  --Is it Grape?  --It should be Grape, because Grape is awesome.  --OMG, do you remember Jason Bartlett!? --He likes Grape.  etc. etc. 
  • Ooh..another good question we can ask: If Gardy decided to borrow a page from The Mighty Ducks, and took everyone on a field trip to the Mall of America to practice drills of some sort, and said "Use the Buddy System" to keep track of everyone, who would you pick as your buddy?
  • We can judge/critique the eating habits of our favorite players.  Don't underestimate the potential usefulness/entertainment value of this.
  • If Brendan Harris is there, he might live up to his nickname and wear his Fancy Pants.  You never know.
  • The luncheon is at the downtown Hilton, where I almost fell whilst dragging my luggage onto the escalator to the parking ramp.  I'll show it to you.  It'll be like a free tour of historic locations!  I can also show you the spot in the skywalk where I had a 10 minute conversation with a homeless man about how our respective holiday seasons went last year.  
  • Eating lunch with a Twins player affords you certain bragging rights amongst your friends.  Eating lunch with Those Girls, boosts those bragging rights even higher.
  • Nick Blackburn's wife wants you to.
Let me know if you need more convincing.  baseballhappyhour@gmail.com


Heidi said...

how about, who is the best smelling twin? pre workout? post workout? I know you girls have gone on a quest to figure this out, but its always nice to have more input and opinions. Also I'd like to know a list of music you'd be embarrassed to admit is on your ipod. Its a good topic of conversation because everyone can answer.

alicia said...

Hey Those Girls, I read your blog all the time and think it's amazing. I have a huge favor to ask you. Nick Blackburn is my husband and he also likes your blog. If you make it to the luncheon could you introduce yourself to him and take a picture with him? I would greatly appreciate it. :)

Katie said...

Alicia, I will absolutely try to make that happen. Too funny!

Katie said...

Also, Alicia...I'm adding you to the list of reasons people should go. I hope you don't mind. I'm shameless.

Jeremiah said...

Damn you... now I might just have to ask the GF to switch shifts with me so I can go.

S.Rail said...

I SO wish I could attend this event! It sounds like a great Twins adoring expirience. Maybe in a few years when I live near(er) to the cities.

Alicia said...

I Love it!!! :)

Harris_fan said...

sorry, i cant....
BUT I SOO wish i could.
Try to meet brendan Harris too, and take pics!!
He is my favorite Twin and he is just plain awesome! I wish i could meet him.
if you go, have fun and take lots of pics!!

Anonymous said...

Are 'Those Girls' going to read Alyssa Milano's new book? :) ....Just curious.

Katie said...

Excellent question. I got your comment while I was writing a new post...so I just answered it there!