Monday, March 23, 2009

Knee-High by the 4th of July.

Tammy just posted a link to this Pio Press story, and it deserves a blog post of its own.  

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Carlos Gomez was wearing his socks up high, knee-length, on Saturday. So was Alexi Casilla. Same for Michael Cuddyer on Sunday.

A rash of turn-back-the-clock sensibilities? The newest fad? Somebody lose a bet to Joe Crede? Think again.

"I don't want to pay $1,000," Gomez said. "They said they'll take $1,000."

"They" is Major League Baseball, and the Twins outfielders are reacting to a letter teammate Denard Span received last week advising him of the rules about uniform pants and warning him another violation will cost him a grand.

"I didn't even know it was a rule," Span said. "But it was accidental anyway."

The letter from league disciplinarian Bob Watson said pants must not extend underneath a player's spikes; they must end at the heel. Span said that's how he wears his pants anyway, but in a game last week in Fort Lauderdale, his pants got snagged, and they stretched beyond his heel. During the game, he was photographed sliding into second base that way, and the photo ran in USA Today.

A day later, he got the letter, so Span figures that's how the league spotted him. "I'm a little worried about it, because I didn't even know it had happened. Who's to say if it could happen again?" Span said. "And $1,000 is $1,000."

Don't you think that just to be on the safe side, every Twins player should just wear high socks, as a precautionary measure?  I have to say, if Denard Span were somehow unwittingly responsible for making the entire Twins line-up going knee-high with their socks, he would earn a place in the Those Girls Hall of Fame.  I'd be eternally grateful to him and his accidentally too-long pants. 


k-bro said...

Wow. Really? Since when did MLB become the fashion police?

Now, I love high socks as much as anybody, and I, too, would be happy if this incident makes everyone on the team wear them, but, seriously, doesn't MLB have better things to worry about than whether a player's pants flip down over his cleats, fercryingoutloud?

Heidi said...

the high socks are really growing on me.

Anonymous said...

I Love the high sock look!! Let's hope they all do it!!!

Harris_fan said...

Harris is the real one who wears the high socks every game. Casilla and maybe Gomez only do it sometimes. Harris does it every game. He makes it look good. And he hit a HR today!! GO Harris!!

Jay said...

Seriously, that dude's job is to spot pants that are of unruly length? God, I picked the wrong damned business.

Anonymous said...

Definately finding the triumph n tradgedy in this one!


aprilzz said...

Yay for high socks, love 'em! Makes me think of Dougie baseball...sigh.

S.Rail said...

I LOVE when baseball players wear high socks! Expecially the speedsters like Gomez, Casilla, Harris, etc. :)