Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crede likes it dirty.

Notes from today's game:
  • Joe Crede plays with the dirt. A lot. He puts it in his hands and rubs it around. A lot. I secretly like it. I'm trying to figure out what that says about me as a person.
  • It was 75 degrees and sunny today. Yes, I am just rubbing it in.
  • Trevor Plouffe was very sneezy today. And beautiful. He was beautiful and sneezy. Once, he simultaneously sneezed and spit. It was kind of impressive.
  • By the end of the game, the infield consisted of: 1B Matt Macri, 2B Steve Tolleson, SS Trevor Plouffe and 3B Toby Gardenhire. I believe it may have been one of the most adorable infields ever assembled in the history of the game. I kind of think they should secede and form their own team and compete in the World Series of Adorableness. They'd have a pretty good shot at winning.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Pirates/Rays game. I'm torn. I heart the Rays, but I'm thinking of adopting the Pirates as my National League team, because people always say mean things about them and it makes me sad. I may just cheer for everything that happens. Plus, since the Phillies ruined the Rays' Cinderella story, and the Steelers ruined the Cardinals' Cinderella story, maybe Pennsylvania could make their own Cinderella story instead. Obviously not this season though, because the Twins are going to win the World Series this season. And probably not next season, because the Twins are going to win that World Series too. But maybe we could pencil the Pirates in for 2011? I might be OK with that.

In other news, I had reserved a convertible from the rental car place. Mostly because I didn't feel like wasting any bit of sunshine while I have the opportunity. But when I went to pick it up, the only one they had in was in need of repairs. So they gave me a free upgrade to a luxury SUV crossover thing instead. I don't know what it is, but it is f-ing ugly. I call it "The Tank" because it is big and blocky and green. I was parked at a beach stop on the bridge to Sanibel Island today, and I was playing around by the water, and 3 separate times (THREE) I caught a glipse of the dumb car parked behind me and thought "Ew. Ugly car! Why would anyone drive an ugly car like that?" until it dawned on me that it is MY ugly car. ew. My GPS unit from home keeps "losing satellite reception" when I'm driving. I assume it's because satellites can't see through tank armor. Stupid car.


dr gonzo said...

this year will be my first venture to a spring training game. ok, i'm going to two (!!) at the end of the month. i'm extremely excited and would like to take full advantage of the opportunity... any good tips for a fellow gal pal fan in need?

Jeremiah said...

it looks like some sort of cadillac thing? obviously not an escalade. I also like that they give you a "free upgrade" to something that gets half as many miles to the gallon, I'm sure. (Free upgrade to this thing you'll have to pay twice as much fun for. ENJOY!)

Katie said...

hey, dr. g...I will come up with some tips for ya!'re totally right. If they didn't have what I wanted, why couldn't they just give me something cute that gets 30 miles to the gallon instead?

dr gonzo said...

woo hoo! thanks so much!!

Karleeee said...

Plouffe is a very nice boy.
Who wears skinny jeans and fancy scarves.