Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Okay who's seen the new Twins commercial? It's up on the official website of course:

It's officially for season tickets and it's Joe and Joe. ... and I've just realized that that statement now needs to be clarified. I'm hereby dubbing (for me anyway) Nathan and Mauer the "Good Ole Joes" (G.O. Joe 36 and 7 respectively, when being referred to separately). From this moment forward Crede will be known as Joe the Third Basemen (or JTB for short). So the new commercial is the Good Ole Joes and is yet another example of the absolute adorableness of our boys. It also lays out the pretty obvious truth that, even when they're being paid millions of dollars to play baseball for a living, they're still pretty much 14 on the inside. Which in and of itself is pretty adorable.

Speaking of G.O. Joe 7 there's also a fairly interesting explanation of the contract extension hoopla that is starting/about to start on the official site today. It also has a couple wonderful, bromantic quotes between G.O. Joe 7 and Justin that are fantastic. As is probably the case with 99.99% of all Twins fans everywhere (and Twins players for that matter), I don't want to see Joe go anywhere. In fact when the article mentioned the Red Sox and the Yankees, I actually threw up a little in my mouth. I'm really not that squeamish a person but the thought of Joe Mauer in a Red Sox jersey does actually, physically engage my gag reflex. That's just a disgusting thought. Ew. I think I need to go brush my teeth...

Much better. It's extremely weird to me that I had that reaction much more to the Red Sox than the Yankees. In general I hate the Yankees just on principal (I'm like a lot of people, I think. I love the history of the team; I hate the current team and what they seem to stand for these days.) and most of my baseball gagging has to do with them. I guess I can understand the draw of the Yankees for a player, though; the prestige and all that. Still, I can't even say where I'd rather see G.O. Joe 7 go, both those options are just gross.

So anyway, how about a recap:
Our boys = Adorable.
Joe Nathan = G.O. Joe 36
Joe Mauer = G.O. Joe 7
Joe Crede = Joe the Third Baseman (JTB)
Nathan and Mauer = The Good Ole Joes
Nathan, Mauer, and Crede = simply, "The Joes"
G.O. Joe 7 should continue playing for the Twins forever.
Red Sox = Ew.

Everybody on board? Cool.


Heidi said...

I prefer to call the Joes "Joe-nanza" But I may adopt G.O. Joe 7 and 36. Its much shorter than singing "don't you wish your closer was hot like mine" every time I see Joe Nathan.

Kim said...

I am very fond of the term Joelicious.. Used in a sentence. The new Twins commerical has a lot of Joeliciousness in it. kinda works don't you think?

k-bro said...

I saw this newspaper ad and thought it was clever. You might appreciate it too.

Anonymous said...


I'm stealing your Joe Nathan song. It will fit very well with my "Hottest Twin" chant that I use everytime Nathan takes the mound!

Also, I think if there was ever any Twin that would stay here forever, it's Mauer... which bodes pretty well for our chances of also hanging onto Morneau forever. However, I think Morneau NEEDS at least one WS championship to seal the deal.

Which of course, won't be a problem. :)


Megan said...

I honestly cannot imagine Mauer in a Red Sox jersey. I hear you on the throwing up reaction. Honestly, my brain cannot fathom seeing him in another jersey besides the Twins. It doesn't even go there.

S.Rail said...

Ha ha!

Red Sox=Ew.

Good one :)