Thursday, February 26, 2009

"That reminds me of Brian Buscher..."

I would've liked to blog about yesterday's game last night, but I was at the point where my body subtly informed me that if I did not get one decent night's sleep ASAP, various internal organs would begin to mutiny.

Dang, it is good to have baseball back.  I feel like I go into zombie hibernation mode after October.  I exist...but I'm not really ME.  But as soon as that first pitch is thrown, my On-Switch gets flipped and I come back to life.  Of course, this probably makes all of my non-baseball-loving friends and acquaintances wince a little bit.  Because for a few months of the year I am able to have entire conversations about other things without throwing in sentences like "That reminds me of Brian Buscher," as thinly veiled attempts to steer the conversation to Minnesota Twins baseball.

Oh well.

That reminds me of Brian Buscher, actually.  And how awesome he was last night, offensively.  It made me annoyed with the existence of Joe Crede--a little bit.  If Joe Crede plays on Friday, as expected, his awesomeness is going to have to be greater than, or equal to, Brian Buscher's awesomeness last night, or I am going to be seriously cranky about some things.  

Other thoughts:  I didn't realize just how much I'd missed Matt Tolbert until I saw him last night.  Mike Redmond's hit to his patented spot in right-center field made me do the happy dance in my chair.  Alexi looks like he's going to pick up right where he left off.  Jesse Crain was fantastic....a good omen for this this season and this bullpen, I hope.  

I hate than no one is broadcasting today's game.  With a nasty winter storm in the mix, the least the universe could do would be to give us some baseball to watch or listen to.  Boo.  I'll probably check out the Rays-Yankees game instead and keep my fingers crossed for fisticuffs.  That would be an excellent Winter Storm pick-me-up, provided none of the Rays' pretty faces get messed up in the process.

--Note to last night's Anon. commenter:  

"I have a mission/assignment for Those Girls. This is an urgent emergency. On Phil Miller's blog, Feb 24. "Radio Interference from a Locker Away" he mentions a KSTP radio interview with Glen Perkins, but more importantly background noise from my baseball boyfriend, Kevin Slowey. I have tried desperately to get this audio. Did you hear it? Know where I can find it?"

I thought the Glen Perkins interview in question sounded like 1500's Matt Thomas's handiwork.  I emailed him last night to confirm. It was indeed his interview.  I looks like it aired pre-game yesterday maybe, but I missed it.  Did anyone else hear it?  We can keep our fingers crossed that it shows up in his On Demand Interviews section I guess.  


ThatGirlfromDL said...

Thanks for the update about last night's game. I didn't get to watch the broadcast of it(none of our channels had it that I could find) and I simply couldn't bear to listen to it on the radio. Maybe that was being unfaithful to my baseball boyfriends, (yes, I too have two) but I desperately need to *see* them for the first fake-game interaction of the year. Please tell me at least one spring training game will be broadcast on a station I actually get!!!!

Steph S said...

i guess the existence of Joe Crede annoys me a little too, but for the opposite reason. He replaces Harris is my main complaint. Hes my favorite player, and my "baseball boyfriend", so im not all that thrilled , but it should give us a forsure spot in the playoffs if we can play like we did last year. Plus it will be fun to see him help us kill the White Sox! So for now i hope they can continue to try and stick Harris in there once in a while, otherwise i will be sad! Good job on this blog and Baseball Happy Hour, both great!
Go Harris!
Go Twins!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your help! :D