Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Odds and Ends.....but mostly odds.

Bullet point time. Yes!

  • Boo hoo, A-Rod. Boo hoo. I probably would buy his uber public apology more if it wasn't for all the crap he spewed in that Katie Couric interview. "I've never felt overmatched" turns into "I just felt so much pressure to perform!" To quote the venerable J.T....Cry me a river.
  • I'm going to the Twins spring training WBC exhibition game vs. the Netherlands. Do you know who might be a starting pitcher for the Netherlands? Sidney Ponson. I'm currently taking bets as to the likelihood that I will drive from Wisconsin to Minneapolis, fly from Minneapolis to Tampa, drive from Tampa to Sarasota and then drive from Sarasota to Ft. Myers only to wind up watching Sidney Ponson pitch again. Given my luck, the odds are pretty good. (Of course, in a fit of vacation-excitement insanity, I've reserved a convertible rental car....so the odds are also fairly good that it will rain a lot, which could make it all a moot point anyway.) I was explaining it all to my mother, who decided that I might have some sort of psychic link to Sir Sidney, since I tend to see him more often than I care to think about. I hope she's wrong, but it would help explain the fact that Ponson grabbed his junk about 3 feet away from Those Girls once...scarring us both for life. My mother also suggested "maybe you can pick Nick Swisher up in Tampa and make it a real party." Ha. Thanks Mom.
  • Words cannot express my disappointment at the fact that Morrissey's Twin Cities concert falls on Opening Day. I felt like I was being tested by the Universe. I LOVE Morrissey. However, I have never seen Morrissey live. I have TWICE had tickets to Morrissey concerts, both of which were cancelled. The most painful was the time a friend and I had tickets to the opening date of Lollapalooza in SEATTLE with pit tickets so we could "be close enough for Morrissey to sweat on us", and the tour was cancelled completely....but not before I had purchased a pricey multi-stop plane ticket so I could do both Lollapalooza in Seattle and the sold-out Jet concert with different friends in New Orleans. (*sigh* remember when Jet was cool for, like, that 15 minutes?) And now I'm forced to choose between Morrissey and Opening Day. Twisting the knife in my proverbial gut is the knowledge that the Courteeners are the opening act for Moz. I've had a weird Courteeners obsession for about 2 months now. But obviously, I choose baseball. It's my last chance for a pleasantly climate controled Opening Day. It still hurts though. Who'd have guessed that an aging, self-loathing, androgenous European rock idol could so thoroughly break my heart on a regular basis? Yeah...you're right. I probably should have seen it coming.
  • A sincere "Get Well Soon" goes out to Tony Oliva.


Caryn said...

You know, the first couple of times Morrissey came through... I could understand it. But now it's non-stop and there'll be a Smiths reunion as soon as Coachella hangs out a big enough cheque.

Opening Day, on the other hand, only happens once a year.

David said...

I saw Morrissey at Radio City Music Hall a few years back. I was like in the second mezzanine far from his sweat, but it was still a damn good show.

Tricia said...

You know what we really need to put this whole A Rod/steroid thing into perspective? A Batgirl Lego re-enactment!

As for Ponson, I will keep my fingers crossed that someone else, ANYONE else, is pitching the day you see that game. That, and I hope you get beautiful weather, even though I'm jealous I'm not going to Florida.

Mh said...

so your boo-hoo for A-rod, I will take a chance that you watched buffy and then Angel. There is a scene in season 2 of Angel where Lindsy the "evil" lawyer from wofram and hart who in the first season has his hand cut off by Angel the "good" vampire.

Lindsay says "OOH let me wipe my tears with my little plastic hand."

I was kind of there with A-rod.

As for Ponson I think a ritual cleansing is your only hope. I have holy water let me know.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I didn't realize the Morrissey concert & opening day were the SAME DATE until you sent me a text. I am glad I didn't scramble/sell my soul for tickets. It's the last home opener in the dome. We can't miss it.

Hey, how do You Girls feel about tailgating?