Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No more Arby's for me.

Why don't I ever just take the time to opt out of receiving the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue?

Oh yeah...I remember. I'm lazy. And I generally forget about it until the issue shows up in my mailbox. Like yesterday.

Oh well. Wasting a tree on pictures of half-naked women (or, more accurately, 7/8-naked women) is a small price to pay for me not having to remember to write the opt out notice, find an envelope, take it all the way to the post office and pay for the stamp. And the ads are kind of funny....because it seems like all of the ad agencies say "what are the sleaziest, trashiest ideas we have that we could never get away with printing anywhere else? Let's use those." The creepiest was an Arby's ad with two burgers that are strategically placed to look like boobs. Ew. I understand that sex sells...I'd just prefer it not to sell me food. Because, honestly, fast food workers and nudity are two ideas that I'd like to keep completely separate in my brain. Please.

Really though, aside from my new urge to never, EVER eat anything at Arby's ever again, it's cool. Boys need their fun too.

And, purely in the interest of bringing balance and harmony to the universe, here's a lovely picture of Gabe Kapler with his shirt off :

(which isn't really that exciting, because it's actually harder to find pictures of Gabe Kapler with his shirt ON.)

And today I got my REAL Sports Illustrated in the mail, which is all about A-Rod being a dirty lying juicer. So I'm set. I just like it for the articles.


Jeremiah said...

Ya know it's weird... Gabe Kepler's "boob" looks like a burger. DAMMIT!
Now that's all I'll be thinking about any time I see boobs. You've won this round Katie... but I'll get you next time. NEXT TIME! *Dr. Claw's jet flies away*

Mh said...

Okay I swore off Arby's with the ad from the guy with the fantasy of his wife dressed up as an arby's counter help. she walks in and we here "broing!" and the Arby's hat "pops" up over his head.

Very upsetting in my book.

sarah-bug said...

Pictures like that remind me why, deep in my heart, I don't really have that much of a problem with steroids.

Anonymous said...

As someone who lived for years with a crush on her local pizza delivery boy, I have to say that linking your desire for food to your desire for "sexy things" has a strange Pavlovian, reinforcement effect.

I was not only MORE hungry for this establishment's pizza, I also insisted on delivery even though I only lived two blocks away.

In an even more ironic twist the delivery boy was eventually fired, and I have been dating the pizza cook for the last year and a half!

mmmmmmmm.... food