Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boof is broken. So is my heart.

Boof Bonser is going to have surgery on his shoulder tomorrow.  

I am bummed.

Thankfully I was able to read the story BEFORE any of the inevitable mean nasty comments showed up [I'm sure they're there by now].  My feelings would have been hurt. 

My conciousness is a Boof-bash Free Zone.

And here I woke up all giddy and happy that baseball games were less than 48 hours away.  And now I'm kind of sad.  Boof is still my favorite.  I don't care what anybody says.

I hope the Rays team doctor takes good care of him.  And maybe they can do a little "Rookie of the Year" tweaking?  That'd be OK.


BatKra said...

I too was quite sad to see the news, and even sadder when I read the comments (I wasn't as lucky as you). Will anything ever go right for the bullpen again?!

Hopefully, tomorrows game brings much happiness.

Katie said...

Ugh...I'm sorry. I can only imagine the nastiness of the comments, as I refuse to look at them. Thanks for warning me that they're there!

Jeremiah said...

My hope is that this will enable Boof to be as good as we all know he has the ability to be! (I'm totally pulling for the Rookie of the Year scenario!)

Anonymous said...

I think about you whenever I hear about poor Boofie!

I'll always like him, too. Screw the neysayers... they'll always have someone to pick on when... for whatever reason... it's not Punto on any given day.