Sunday, January 25, 2009

Twins Fest: Day 3

I would LOVE to tell you about Day 3, but I am too exhausted and my feet hurt, in spite of completely appropriate footwear choices all 3 days.

By Kevin Slowey photo time at 2:00 today, I think both Those Girls and Kevin Slowey were all pretty much over it. It's fairly evident in our facial expressions, because we all have an identical "Oh my god, would you take the freaking picture already?!" look on our faces. Which is terrible. We should have been super excited to do picture time with Kevin Slowey. And I know that if it hadn't been at the end of such a long weekend, Kevin Slowey would be super excited for picture time with us too. Obviously.

So, more recap action and the announcement of the Official Those Girls Twins Fest Awards of Excellence tomorrow. I know you're all hanging on the edge of your seats to see who took home the pretend trophy for "Best Hair '09" and "Best Smelling Twin" so I will try not to keep you waiting too long.


Jeremiah said...

We ended up going on Sunday only. Was too bad because people were literally insane that day. I also am making a call that there will be more children at the Metrodome for the Twins games this year and Target field in 2010 than there probably will ever be again. I am slightly saddened by that fact since I saw so many poor children who had to be with their negligent parents who brought them in the dangerous cold just to be there for "the last year at the dome".

Also, did you happen to make it into the Mauer photo line on Sunday? We were shocked as well, but the line was way too long to even attempt it.

Katie said...

We were in the Slowey line during the Mauer photos. Joe's fine. But I have no desire for a photo with him. We did nearly get trampled by the Mauer fan girls when he announced he'd be taking pictures for 10 extra minutes.

I didn't really mind all the kids there. I say take advantage of the fun kid stuff NOW, because when Fest isn't at the Dome anymore, it's going to be pretty lame for kids I think. Running around playing ball at the Dome beats sitting on the couch watching SpongeBob all weekend.