Friday, January 23, 2009

TGITFF! [Or...Thank God It's Twins Fest Friday!]

Whew! I made it. Baseball is [sort of] back. Baseball players are back anyway. And that's close enough to make the world make sense to me once again.

The other night I was trying to help Lipgloss Baseball Jen decide which day of Twins Fest she'd like to attend most. It's a hard decision, frankly. It's like trying to decide which kidney you'd rather keep. [Incidentally, after giving it much thought just now, I believe I would prefer to keep my left one.] But I did my best to break it down compare/contrast style. I thought there might be others out there who could benefit from the analysis, as they make their weekend plans. I'm all about the community service, folks.

Friday Night

-Carlos Gomez photo session
-Morneau photo Session (although I have a feeling this line could get crazy, even for the quickly moving photo line)
-If you have any interest in autographs, Friday night contains--unless there are last minute subtractions, which is entirely possible--what I have dubbed "The Best Value" of all of Twins Fest: Boof Bonser, Craig Breslow, Carlos Gomez, Glen Perkins and Kevin Slowey all together for $10
-First pick of Grab Bags for purchase

-Clocking in at only four hours, this is the shortest day of Twins Fest

-Soucheray and Reusse talk to Carlos Gomez
-Photo sessions with Nick Blackburn, Brian Buscher, Boof Bonser and Nick Punto
-Saturday is a longer day--all the better to ogle with, my dear
-Toby Gardenhire (the human embodiment of the phrase "Minnesota Nice") and Ben Revere are signing at the free table at the same time (but they ARE both signing on Friday and Sunday also...just at different times)

-More people=longer lines

-Less people=shorter lines. Especially right away in the morning.
-Photo sessions with Joe Nathan, Scott Baker, Kevin Slowey and Michael Cuddyer
-Corey Koskie--according to the schedule, this looks like the only day he's signing

-Grab bag selection begins to dwindle/sell-out
-No afternoon radio interviews, due to the live auction
-After a long weekend, I get the feeling that players kind of phone it in on Sunday. Not that I blame them
-Sunday also seems like the day most likely to see schedule changes due to people calling in sick

But really, any day is a good day at Twins Fest.

Numbers time! As promised, here are some predictions for this year's Twins Fest:

Number of times I will tramp up and down the entire length of the Metrodome steps:
12. But I could just be feeling optimistic.

Number of times I will bitch about tramping up and down the entire length of the Metrodome steps:

Number of copies of the Twins Yearbook '08 I will own at the end of the weekend:

Number of times Joe Mauer will hear "How are you feeling?":
7,431--although there's no way to prove this one unless Joe counts and shares the info with us.

Number of times I hear "Who is that?" from someone in line for said person's autograph:
16. [And I'm only counting the times they say it about a player who started 15 games or more last season.]

Number of embarrassing things I say/do without thinking:

Check back to see how accurate I was.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I love it! I may try to make that "How You Feelin'?" count happen. I will just stand off to the side and shout out "How ya feelin' Joe Mauer?" a gazillion times.

Tricia said... that too much and security might cart you off. :-)

Maybe I'll see you in Nick Blackburn's photo line, Katie. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Twinsfest, and kidneys, and asking Joe Mauer how he is feeling.... I don't know, maybe you should bring him some cranberry juice or something.


at any rate, have fun!

SARAH said...

I just got back from Twinsfest Night 1 - I was bummed that Punto's flight was delayed - so no Punto time for me :( But I was able to get myself into the Gomez Photo Line early enough to get a pic! And I must say, after meeting Matt Guerrier I might now have a new Twins bf! LOL! Take care girls!

Katie said...

Yes, Matty G is AWESOME. I think he was definately trying to win this year's award for Best Hair.

The Gomez photo line was out of control. We made it through with like 7 minutes to spare.