Friday, January 23, 2009

I Heart Alexi.

If someone had said a year ago that Alexi Casilla would be a highlight of Twins Fest '09, I would have called them a dirty liar.

And yet.

Here I am. Hearting him. I am hearting the heck out of him. He did an interview en espanol, then a little boy asked "did you know that at spring training last year you hit a foul ball and it hit my grandma?" Alexi said he doesn't want to hit foul balls. Then later, Alexi forcefully insisted that Those Girls make gangsta looking peace signs with him in our photo. It was pretty awesome.

Also, at some point during the evening, I became Bobby Korecky's biggest fan. Without my knowledge. Long story. It involves BBQ.

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Anonymous said...

We knicknamed him Sexy Lexi last year... and when we played the White Sux and they had their Alexi up, we would shout, "Our Lexi is more sexy!"

good times