Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here's to you, Carl.

You know, I have about 7 unfinished half-posts sitting here unpublished. It's silly. I just always end up either a) having to leave for work or b) falling asleep at the keyboard, before they're done, and then by the time I get back to them, the topic feels irrelevant. It's not like a TON has been going on, anyway. Still, my apologies if anyone thought I had disappeared Without a Trace-style. (FYI: One of my New Year's resolutions is to publicly reference a popular CBS television show every day.)

But it's a new year, and work is getting slightly less crazy (I hope to soon be able to go from 56 hour work weeks to maybe 50 hours....It's going to be AWEsome), so here's hoping we're back with a vengeance in '09.

Exhaustion be damned, I knew I couldn't let the passing of Carl Pohlad go without a comment or two.

I read the news at work yesterday, and my first instinct was to announce it to everyone in a loud voice with accompanying wild gesticulations. Then I looked around and rethought that plan....because nobody in my vicinity would know who Carl Pohlad is. Luckily, Jen from Lipgloss & Baseball could share in the moment with me via text messages, where we discussed what music would be appropriate for the inevitable 7th inning video montage tribute. Jen threw out the idea of LL Cool J. It's pretty hard to disagree with that kind of genius. I wonder if he put something in his will about it. If I was the boss of the Twins organization, I probably would plan ahead and put my demands for my musical tribute music (title and artist) in writing....just to make sure they didn't pick something lame for me.

Even 7 years later, my emotions about that nasty contraction business are still pretty raw, so it'd be a lie if I said I had a lot of warm fuzzy feelings left for the man. But Carl Pohlad has been the Twins owner for the entirety of my Twins fandom (at least all of it I consciously remember) and that counts for something. It's been a good time. Since Pohlad's been around I've seen 2 World Series wins, a plethora of players I've adored come and go, and more memorable moments at the Metrodome than I can count. Good times. Thanks for that--minus the late '90s.

So, here's to you Carl. I hope you figured out a way to take at least some of it with you.


Anonymous said...

So with all the people tastelessly rejoicing over his death, I'm very happy to see your blog handle it with some class. Kudos.

As far as the 7th inning tribute: I'm sure they will dedicate the upcoming season to him, so if it's a song we gotta hear all season long, I'd like a revival of Glenn Miller's "In the Mood." I think it worked well for the Casey tribute, and it sounds good as far as having a song that follows the singing of Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

Classy celebration of a lifetime's achievement... that's how we roll.


Curveball said...

How about "million dollar baby."

One of the sports writers (Powers) made comment about there being a luggage rack on the hearse, possibly.

Wonder if admission will be charged for the event.

Maybe if enough people don't show at the wake, the event will be moved to St. Paul.

Gotta love him (and Calvin)...both of whom ahd troubles paying people more than they, themselves, made...in the short-term, that is.

I'm waiting to see the patch the players get to wear.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Girl, I looked through LL Cool J's album tracks and I can't find a single fitting one. I think I'll have to brainstorm a new idea. Damn, I loves me some LL Cool J.

lephio said...

i read bad things these days about that. Katie you write honest and sensitive things. i agree with you. carl rest in peace.

Jeremiah said...

As I said to my buddy... is it too late to get a retractable roof on that stadium? Do you think his sons would pony up the extra dough?

As far as video tribute... I'm thinking I would have to go with something classic like "Put Me In Coach" or Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes"... ya know, one of the two would be good.

Anonymous said...

definately something peppy... celebratory.

remember you've just stood up and finished singing "Take Me Out" downer songs, don't fit the mood at that point.

Of course, we could always go with "Cherry Pie!!"