Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Happy Happy

It's a happy day. There's all the fun inaugural stuff, sure. But Twins Fest is also just around the corner. It's a few blessedly short days away, and this fills me with joy. For one, winter just seems so much less depressing when all our players are back at the Dome. And two, Twins Fest Friday will mark the first day I've had off of work since Christmas Day. I get a little giddy every time I think about it.

So naturally, I've been going overboard with Twins Fest planning. I'm meticulous. I'm highlighting top priorities with blue on my schedule, because blue is pretty. Pretty, blue highlighted things I'm most excited about:

  • Ben Revere. It's the perfect opportunity to make snap judgements about the fabled new kid.
  • Photo sessions with Carlos Gomez, Brian Buscher, Nick Blackburn....and well...mostly everybody else too. I kind of feel like the photo schedule was designed to maximize my personal happiness. So, to whoever scheduled that....THANK YOU.
  • The Joe Soucheray and Patrick Reusse interview with Carlos Gomez. I have very high entertainment expectations for this particular interview.
  • Corey Koskie. I miss Corey Koskie.
  • Grab bags. So I have a chance to get some of those promotional items only given to kids during the season. Michael Cuddyer Growth Chart.....here I come.
Ugh...I can't wait. I hope everyone else is busy making their plans too. Twins Fest is like Christmas, but with baseball players, and the money you spend goes to charity.

If you want to hear some of my rambling Twins Fest tips, plus some other stuff, you can check out the first pilot episode of the podcast (which took a lot longer to get off the ground than I had anticipated because I really underestimated the pain-in-the-butt-ness of the initial set-up, but we're all good now). You can go listen to it on the web HERE, or you can just use the RSS feed url:


to subscribe to the podcast feed directly. I use iTunes for all the podcasts I subscribe to...go to "Advanced" and click on "subscribe to podcast" and paste the url in. Easy peasy.

I'll be posting some Twins Fest predictions here later this week (ie, the number of times strangers ask me "Who's That?" in reference to baseball players they are in line to get autographs from, and the number of 2008 Twins Yearbooks I bring home from Fest this year). Good Times.

Happy Inauguration Day!


Jessica said...

Hey glad to see your okay. When I heard the gas pumps were frozed there, I thought you might be too!

PatGLex said...

Be nice to Ben. He'll probably be overwhelmed with the amount of snow (and cold! don't forget cold!) y'all have in Minneapolis this time of year. There's been more snow in New Orleans this year than there has in Lexington. Feel free to tell him that one of your blog readers is from his home town. I hope he has a wonderful time at TwinsFest. And you guys, too. I am so jealous.