Friday, December 12, 2008

Time to bust out the unicorn barrettes....

2 more years of Punto. I'm happy with that. There may have even been a little happy dancing on my part.

Today I am wearing my pink unicorn barrettes in celebration, even though they don't match my outfit (or, indeed, my age) one bit.

I know that loads of people don't like Punto. I don't care.

In other baseball news, a crap-ton of deals were made this week. None of them involved Manny Ramirez, and now he's threatening to take his ball and go home and retire. Personally, I would love love love it if everyone called his bluff.

I have to say, I think my favorite non-Punto transaction would have to be Matt Joyce to the Rays. Matt Joyce is completely adorable, and has the potential to be freakishly good at baseball. My two favorite things.

And now that he plays for a team that I like, which is NOT in our division, I don't have to hate him anymore. That is excellent news. I also see him as a prime candidate for fill the slot as Evan Longoria's BFF. They'd be so cute together! The Rays organization should seriously look into whether or not they can contractually obligate them to do so.

I also liked the Orioles moves this week. Ryan Freel is fun, and hopefully now we'll get to see Matt Wieters behind the plate. People say he's Mauer-like. Should be interesting, and I'm definitely more excited to see Baltimore come to town now.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Spineless and Greedy" could be the Yankees tag-line....

CC Sabathia had the opportunity to really make me like him. If he had stood his ground and said he'd rather play for less money (but, still more money than even God needs) in order to play where he wants, how he wants, I would probably be a little bit in love with him right now.

But instead he opted for choice B, which is that I will consider him spineless and greedy for all of eternity. Of course, the $161 million probably sweetens that deal a little.

It's spiteful, I know.....but there is a tiny little evil part of me that hopes the Brewers, by pitching him on short rest pretty much every rotation there at the end, wore him out just enough so that he's merely mediocre with the Yankees. The mere thought of the Yankees shelling out $161 million dollars for mediocrity makes me giddy. No, it's not likely. But a girl can dream, can't she?

On the other side of town, I was pretty pleased about K-Rod to the Mets for 2 reasons:
  1. K-Rod's out of the AL.
  2. I cannot, in good conscience, begrudge the Mets any sort of upgrade in the bullpen. Maybe Johan can take it a little easier now....poor fella.
In Twins news, Gardy was at it again, and I can only imagine that a huge contingent of Twins Territory was unable to sleep due to fits of rage after Gardy announced that, if the Twins resign Punto, he plans on him being his starting SS next season. As I read the quotes, I tried picturing what it actually looks like when people's heads explode. It was funny. And messy.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winter Distractions [and your chance to get Free Stuff.]

Ahhh....long time no blog.

How about some bullet points for old time's sake?

Things That Have Blessedly Distracted Me From The Absence of Baseball
  • Complaining about how much I hate scraping ice off my car windows.
  • Football.
  • The Twilight movie came out, which was good for a solid week-and-a-half's worth of entertaining obsession. This is almost even relevant to this blog for a few reasons:
  1. When I first read Twilight, the basic canon of its version of vampires (super-fast, capable of physical feats no mere mortal could attempt, supernaturally attractive, etc.) made me briefly consider the possibility that Nick Punto might in fact be a vampire with an air-brushed tan.
  2. The baseball-playing scene in the movie is by far the awesomest scene.
  3. I am firmly convinced that the song from aforementioned scene, Supermassive Black Hole by Muse, should now be the compulsory walk-up music for every batter.
  • Baking things.'Tis the season, and all.
  • Realizing that the reason I hate the Jonas Brothers so much is that one of their voices (whichever one is particularly squally) is almost identical the the sound my cat makes right before she throws up on good furniture.
  • Working. I guess I am lucky that the busy season at my job happens to coincide precisely with the baseball off-season. It's handy.
Important Developments I Have Neglected To Comment On Whilst Being Distracted:
  • The new Saturday throw-back unis. I was a bit hesitant to put my stamp of approval on them until I saw them. But I like them....two enthusiastic thumbs up. They modernized the '82 uniforms just enough to have that vintage feel without the cheese. Plus, having 80s uniforms every Saturday gives me a sturdier platform from which to campaign for 80s Days at the Dome. Also, I can go to Saturday games free of the fear and anxiety that the sleeveless jerseys cause me.
  • The Casey Blake Rollercoaster. I like Casey Blake. I wouldn't mind him in a Twins uniform again. I liked the idea of appeasing everyone's call for an upgrade at 3B without trading anybody away (although, once again for the record, I like Brian Buscher.) But I am neither surprised nor heartbroken that talks have apparently broken down.
  • Nick Swisher was quoted as saying that playing for the Yankees is a dream come true. It's like Darth Vader seeing the Death Star for the first time. How sweet.
You'll note that I left out the whole OMG...Gardy-hates-Delmon! mess out of my list of Important Developments. Mostly because I consider it decidedly unimportant. I think everyone jumped all over it and started frothing at the mouth because this off-season has been so painfully quiet. But I just don't quite see what all the fuss is about. It's hard to take any comments about potential starters seriously at this time of the year. (ie Remember this time last year when Bill Smith tried to tell us with a straight face that he was still planning on Johan being our Opening Day starting pitcher?) It's just Gardy being Gardy. I keep several grains of salt handy for just this sort of occasion.

Mostly, I am very happy that it's Winter Meetings time. Even if nothing happens of note, it still puts baseball front and center again for a few days.

Contest Alert!

I didn't put it in my list of things that have distracted me, but I have also been working on a little related side-project that's kept me busy. In the next couple weeks I'm looking to launch a podcast to go along with blog. I've nailed down quite a few of the details, except one major needs a name.

That's where you come in.

The plan is for it to be about 65% Twins/35% general baseball, roughly....and equal parts baseball and ridiculousness. I'm sure you're familiar with that particular formula by now. I'd like it to be fairly interactive, so I thought this would be a great place to start. A show of the people, I say!

Send any podcast title suggestions to by noon on Friday, December 12th. Tell your friends and neighbors too! I'll pick my favorite from the bunch and the lucky winner gets a $10 iTunes gift card and something Twins-y from my stockpile (or if you're not a Twins fan, something random and baseball-y instead). In case you thought I was above buying your love/creative ideas with shiny baubles and trinkets....I'm totally not.

[Also, if you're a fan of another team, or know of someone who is, and would be interested in participating in future podcast episodes highlighting your team of choice--friendly, not hostile, I promise--shoot me an email to that same address and put "I'm a insert-your-team-here fan" in the subject line.]