Friday, December 12, 2008

Time to bust out the unicorn barrettes....

2 more years of Punto. I'm happy with that. There may have even been a little happy dancing on my part.

Today I am wearing my pink unicorn barrettes in celebration, even though they don't match my outfit (or, indeed, my age) one bit.

I know that loads of people don't like Punto. I don't care.

In other baseball news, a crap-ton of deals were made this week. None of them involved Manny Ramirez, and now he's threatening to take his ball and go home and retire. Personally, I would love love love it if everyone called his bluff.

I have to say, I think my favorite non-Punto transaction would have to be Matt Joyce to the Rays. Matt Joyce is completely adorable, and has the potential to be freakishly good at baseball. My two favorite things.

And now that he plays for a team that I like, which is NOT in our division, I don't have to hate him anymore. That is excellent news. I also see him as a prime candidate for fill the slot as Evan Longoria's BFF. They'd be so cute together! The Rays organization should seriously look into whether or not they can contractually obligate them to do so.

I also liked the Orioles moves this week. Ryan Freel is fun, and hopefully now we'll get to see Matt Wieters behind the plate. People say he's Mauer-like. Should be interesting, and I'm definitely more excited to see Baltimore come to town now.


Michele said...

okay I am happy about LNP and I do not understand the hate, well I can understand it as a thing but why give into the darkside when there are other to be horrible about. ie. Nick Swisher (the devil)

I like Nick the only upside I could see him leaving is the end of that awful radio commercial that he says, tell them that Punto drove you in!

As for Matt Joyce and Evan being BFF i hope so too. I am even thinking it might blossom into a bromance which would be fine.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I am thinking that you need to post pictures of the magic unicorn barrettes.

claudia said...

yay for punto staying! i've always liked punto, and knew i wouldn't want him to leave, but it surprised me just how very happy i was when i heard he was staying.
i really don't see how anyone could not like him. his aq is so high, and he is so fun to watch defensively, and his batting average was much better this year than last year - how can one not love him?

Jessica said...

wow, great minds think alike! I like your BFF idea. I always wanted Barty to be Longo's BFF, but it just never worked out. I guess Jason's more of a family man now.

smitty said...

The Orioles are going to be a little careful with Wieters since he's so young. They're talking about signing somebody like Gregg Zaun to be the number one guy to start the season. Y'know, to keep some of the pressure off Wieters. They've got a lot invested in him and don't want him to fizzle out, as so many of their prospects have.

I like Freel too. And even better, the O's are rid of passed-ball-machine Ramon Hernandez.