Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Spineless and Greedy" could be the Yankees tag-line....

CC Sabathia had the opportunity to really make me like him. If he had stood his ground and said he'd rather play for less money (but, still more money than even God needs) in order to play where he wants, how he wants, I would probably be a little bit in love with him right now.

But instead he opted for choice B, which is that I will consider him spineless and greedy for all of eternity. Of course, the $161 million probably sweetens that deal a little.

It's spiteful, I know.....but there is a tiny little evil part of me that hopes the Brewers, by pitching him on short rest pretty much every rotation there at the end, wore him out just enough so that he's merely mediocre with the Yankees. The mere thought of the Yankees shelling out $161 million dollars for mediocrity makes me giddy. No, it's not likely. But a girl can dream, can't she?

On the other side of town, I was pretty pleased about K-Rod to the Mets for 2 reasons:
  1. K-Rod's out of the AL.
  2. I cannot, in good conscience, begrudge the Mets any sort of upgrade in the bullpen. Maybe Johan can take it a little easier now....poor fella.
In Twins news, Gardy was at it again, and I can only imagine that a huge contingent of Twins Territory was unable to sleep due to fits of rage after Gardy announced that, if the Twins resign Punto, he plans on him being his starting SS next season. As I read the quotes, I tried picturing what it actually looks like when people's heads explode. It was funny. And messy.


Anonymous said...

Just imagine if Gardy DIDN'T say anything "controversial." There wouldn't be anything to complain about in the Strib boards. It is actually pretty funny watching the pendulum swing from "Delmon Young sucks" to "Don't you dare trade Delmon Young!" If Punto and Young are both gone next season, who will be the next blog whipping boy? My money's on Buscher/Harris.

Katie said...

Oh yeah, it's quite entertaining,and I love it. It's like watching a feeding frenzy over chum on Shark Week.

Anonymous said...

my pendulum is still stuck on "trade Delmon."

but I think I will try to ignore all the trade/roster movement talk, it's too stressful.


Karleeee said...

How I missed thee, I shall be starting up my blog once again. Life made sure I couldn't update for the longest time.

You know what made me throw up in my mouth?

If Nick Punto signed with the yankees. He would have to play on the same team as...Swisher.
Poor little unicorn loving magic wonder boy.

Jeremiah said...

Well, we have no worries about LNP, The Tiny Superhero, the one, the only, NICK PUNTO!! He's here to stay and getting paid well for it. I'm thrilled for the guy and our team.