Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well.....crap. Now what?

When I first read the news about Pat Neshek's arm, I made a sound that no doubt caused those around me to wonder if I was in need of medical assistance. I'm sure a similar sound could be heard across the upper midwest, as hearts in Twins Territory collectively broke simultaneously.

Ever since they announced that there had been "a set-back" in Pat's recovery, I've been steeling myself for bad news. But I honestly didn't think it'd be this bad. No Neshek in '09?!

Well.....crap. Now what?

If there were a silver-lining to the whole depressing situation, I suppose it would be that it happened now, while the market is wide open.

It makes sense that everyone is jumping to Huston Street conclusions. The Rockies just happen to have an extra closer lying around, at the exact same time the Twins are, yet again, in desperate need of a set-up man, and the two teams have already been chatting about possible deals.

I will admit. I'm torn.

Huston Street is grade-A Adorable. He is absolutely cute enough to be a Twin, no question.

But in order to make a major deal with the Rockies to acquire Street and Atkins, I'm guessing we'd have to give up quite a bit. I tried, hypothetically, to think of which Twins I'd be willing to part with and I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Well...OK. I did come up with 3 or 4 names....but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. [Sorry guys...Huston Street is really pretty. I'm weak...and vulnerable from Neshek-depression.] Athouth, I doubt the handful of names on my list would be super-tempting to the Rockies anyway.

Of course, Huston Street's ERA of almost EIGHT when he pitches on turf tempers my enthusiasm a little.

And, obviously, there are Oakland-cooties to consider.

But still....

It IS something to think about....


Jeremiah said...

Yeah, when I heard on the news teaser that the Twins would have to pitch without one of their premier guys in '09 and showed Neshek's picture, I originally thought they meant the Twinkies traded him and was about ready to be super-pissed. When they said it was Tommy-Johns surgery... it was bittersweet.

We still have him, but he's not going to play. I'm guessing we couldn't just get Huston Street without Atkins since I agree with you that Buscher is our guy. Losing a veteran like Cuddyer would just be silly. Young is the ONLY guy that's worth anything that we could trade without losing too much. But I honestly think that with Buscher playing 3rd, Punto playing 2nd, and Casilla playing Short (Casilla and Punto being interchangeable between the spots) with Tolbert and even Harris available to give guys a rest, we're plenty fine on infield and Cuddyer, Gomez, Span and Young and Kubel rounding off the outfield (span is better defensively and has much better speed and base-hitting ability in my book.)

Theoretically, we could get rid of Everett, Macri, Pridie and Ruiz (although Ruiz is damn cool for doing what he did) and possibly Young. That's just my take on it though, no offense to anyone

Mrs. Slowey said...

ooh he is pretty! and very very distracting from the news of Pat. (I am very sad about that news however.)

Megan said...

"He is absolutely cute enough to be a Twin, no question."
Brilliant! I choked on my food as I read that. Huston is quite beautiful, I agree.

Mrs. Slowey said...

Did you see Nick Swisher is going to be a Yankees player now? UGH! That just makes THAT team all the more gross too.

claudia said...

i am so so sad about neshek. he's good and so fun to watch, and now he's going to miss the world series next year. :(
but wow, street is definitely cute enough to be a twin. ;)