Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Poor Matt Holliday.

Poor, poor Matt Holliday.

I'm sure being traded to another team would be hard enough without the added stress of having to grow blotchy facial hair, and figuring out the mechanics of DIY tattooing.

Watch your back, Matt. Good luck in Oakland. Oh, and a word of advice-- If I were you, I wouldn't let any of your new teammates babysit your kids for you.

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Shop Boy said...

Love to see Holliday in a fake 'fro, rocking the throwback A's uni and helmet.

Yeah, too bad. Matt's agent told him he hit 50 homers and knocked in 150 runs last season (meaning he's worth $22 million a year for eight years) and Holliday never went back and checked his stats. Oops. But Boras can be persuasive that way.

Good guy. Good player. As a Rockies fan (in Baltimore), I'll miss him ... but not THAT much.

Really glad I stumbled across your site just before the playoffs. You may root for the Twins, but this is a big-market blog.