Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mid-week Check-in

I knew that Boston had been looking to move Coco Crisp for awhile now, but I honestly had no idea that they had so much animosity towards the guy.

No offense to K.C. fans--I like Billy Butler a lot--but I kind of assume that Kansas City is where other teams send their players when they hate them so much that simply getting rid of them isn't enough...when they want to make it personal instead.

Welcome to the AL Central, Coco. You just keep being mediocre at baseball, and I'm sure we'll get along just fine.

Did anyone else see the rumor that Mark Teixeira is "interested" in the Nationals or the Orioles? I can only imagine that he is "interested" in the same sense that I am "interested" in communicable diseases....I need enough information about them so that I know how to avoid them. That, or Mark Teixeira does not actually follow the sport of baseball.

That being said, I would kind of like to see either team snag the interest of parity. Let's keep things interesting.

As far as that whole MVP thing goes, I'm content--ecstatic, even--just having two Twins crack the top 4. I will admit that Dustin Pedroia is annoyingly good at baseball and is a worthy recipient.

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Erica said...

I could see being interested in the Orioles, because they seem to have the potential to win sometime soon. Even in the toughest division in baseball. But the Nationals... wowza.