Sunday, November 2, 2008

Coping mechanisms.

I probably should have blogged something about the end of the World Series was still relevant.

To quote myself, speaking to well-meaning folks who asked me about it back then, "We're. Not. Talking. About. It. Yet."

I'm fairly stable about it now, though. And I certainly wasn't as devastated about the Rays losing as I would have been if it were the Twins. Although, I was more devastated about the Rays losing than I would be for any other non-Twins team. And I was very annoyed with the variety of mean things people were saying about Jason Bartlett, certainly. For the record, I think Jason made the right move....9 times out of 10 in that situation, he'd score safely and be a hero.

Not that I'm dwelling.

I think the Phillies winning just irritated me because I find nothing more annoying than A-hole baseball fans....and Philadelphia has created this whole identity/brand based on having A-hole fans. It just irritates me that they get rewarded. I'm trying to look on the bright side and hope that maybe a taste of success will make everyone act a little cheerier/less rat-bastard-y, but I don't think I will hold my breath. Interestingly, I wound up not minding many of the actual Phillies players, although Jayson Werth continues to haunt my most chilling nightmares.

Beyond the fact that the outcome of the World Series was not to my liking, I mostly just hate the end of baseball for another season. It's sad.'s just getting good. Hockey's started. And basketball....heh...I just tried to type that with a straight face. Couldn't do it. Still, there's football and hockey. They're OK substitutes. But I really won't feel whole again until baseball's back.

It was really sad to have to turn the page on my Twins wall calendar and say goodbye to Jason Bartlett. But Mr. November is Joe Nathan, so I wasn't sad for too long. That's the beauty of the Twins wall calendar.

Still, the baseball-less months suck, no matter whose picture graces their calendar pages. I've developed a few coping mechanisms.

It helps to quantify how short the off-season is by marking it off by the holidays. When the World Series is over, it's just a month until Thanksgiving, then another month until Christmas, then only a month until TwinsFest, and then just a month until Pitchers and Catchers Report, and then just over a month until Opening Day. It's my top 5 Favorite Holidays right in a row. I can handle the depression of no baseball for a month at a time.

I also like to buy baseball cards during the off-season. I would not say I'm a collector, in the traditional sense, although I DO have a lot of cards. I have a vague idea of what is valuable and what is not, but I have my own priorities. I like cards for the following reasons, in descending order of importance:
  • The card features a Twins player.
  • The card features a someone who used to be a Twins player.
  • The card features a non-Twins player that I happen to like. (Think Ian Kinsler.)
  • The card is pretty and/or especially shiny.
And this week, I've been distracting myself from my current state of baseball-less-ness by brainstorming some ways to expand/improve this blog in preparation for the '09 season. I've had a couple of notions I'm pretty excited about, but I won't go into specifics until I have more concrete details. An off-season in pursuit of awesomeness surely cannot go wrong. I'm reminded of a favorite quote from the immortal Neil Patrick Harris,

"When I feel sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead."


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Jeremiah said...

Well, I don't blame Jason Bartlett for that attempt at a run. More than anything a 3rd base coach is the person to blame if anyone is. Unless Bartlett ran right through a stop sign (I honestly don't remember if he did or not) then it should be on the 3rd base coach.
But Bartlett is very speedy and agile, and the Rays desperately needed a run. Of all the guys on the team to trust to make the play, I would pick him to do it. Unfortunately, it didn't work, but if it had, the nay-sayers would still be like "he got lucky, he should have stayed at third, what a stupid move..."

There's no guarantee that if Bartlett had stayed at third he would have gotten home on the next batter.
I also agree that it sucks that yet again, another New England team won a championship. Can we stop funding the northeastern seaboard and rewarding them for being just like the jerks our forefathers were trying to get away from when they started this country?