Friday, November 7, 2008

Atkins's Diets is a terrible name for a kids' charity.

I woke up in a cold sweat last night, my unconscious mind having brought up a vitally important aspect of a possible Michael Cuddyer trade that I'm not sure the Twins have considered with enough care.

I'm not referring to the fact that Atkins plays kind of crappy away from Coors Field, making him a gamble, which I pointed out on the Twins Hot Stove blog.

Nope, that's not my biggest concern.

If they take Cuddyer away from us, that will mean we will have lost Lew's CPUs, Hunter's Homies AND Cuddy's Buddies in the space of a year. Those were the three awesomest charity signs we had. That would leave Mauer's Minnies as the most clever one...and while it's good...seeing as both words start with M, and Mauer is from's not great. I have come to expect a higher standard of cleverness and rhyming/alliteration in my Twins charity nicknames.

The only thing I can think of for Garrett would be "Atkins's Diets," and it's like 4 years past that being funny or relevant. No thanks.

I should write Bill Smith a letter maybe. It's possible that he hasn't even realized the full implications of that particular deal.

In other news, the new rumor is Delmon Young for Kevin Kouzmanoff. Meh. I don't really like it.

AND a big congrats to Joe Mauer for his Gold Glove. It's a big deal in and of itself.....but the fact that he screwed Pudge Rodriguez out of another one makes it a freakin' HOLIDAY in my world.

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claudia said...

good enough reason right there.

i'm watching the joe mauer gold glove video right now, thoroughly enjoying watching our pitchers' ducking skills. :)