Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not just a river in Egy.....ooh...bunnies!

I don't know about the rest of you, but this morning I am still resting comfortably in the "Denial" stage of my grief.

It's hard, because it involves avoiding the sports coverage of all major news entities, and 99% of the websites that I visit regularly. I'm managing though.

I will think about it later.


Jeremiah said...

Hey wait a minute... you cannot pull a fast one on me. That third bunny is a ringer. I smell steroids. Call the congress so they can work on important things like making sure there are no bunny juciers out there! Hell with this "economy" thing, they don't know about how to handle that. They know steroids though!!

Michele said...

I love the boys and I just have to say go Tampa I love that crazy little Jason Barlett and their A catwalk, B catwalk, C catwalk, D catwalk and if I am indulging in delusional thinking it has more to do with Matt Garza


Anonymous said...

I concur, Go Rays. Go Brewers.

(and thanks for knocking AJ down, Cuddy)

Oh... and VOTE OBAMA! The only White Sox fan I will ever like!


nelle said...

So in my slightly depressed state last night, I thought I would turn to a little Michael Buble music, which usually cheers me up. I hit shuffle and the first song to play was "Lost." I found the opening few lines very fitting/ ironic/comical for our situation.

I can't believe it's over
I watched the whole thing fall
And I never saw the writing that was on the wall
If I'd only knew
The days were slipping past
That the good things never last
That you were crying

It made me laugh anyway!

PatGLex said...

I may just have to make an AJ voodoo doll for the playoffs....Am listening to the Brewers tank in Philly even as I type this. Thanks for the bunnies and the enjoyable blog this season. Since 9 is my lucky number I am expecting wonderful things in '09 from the Twins.

Anonymous said...

Good one with the bunnies...nice distraction.

It's somehow comforting to know that I'm not the only one who's sad today. But just think: only 188 days 'til Opening Day 2009!

Go Rays!

claudia said...

thanks for the bunnies!

i had tried avoiding sports news, too. but for some reason, i was still drawn to the sports section of the trib that was in the breakroom at work. it made me sad.

so i'm just trying to focus on the fact that we had a season far better than what all those know-it-alls said we would. and that as for that game, blackburn pitched very well (esp under such pressure), and cuddy's tackle was good. next time really take him out, though. scoring would be nice, but the real joy would come in dl-ing a.j.

i figure now we're all practiced for next year. and i wouldn't have wanted neshek to miss the world series. so now we're good to go.

and nelle - very appropriate. :)