Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to Taco Bell...

I hope that everyone remembered to claim their free taco yesterday.

I greeted my co-workers with "Happy Free Taco Day!" [because I am a dork]. And a few of them humored me by going with me to Taco Bell to claim our loot. None of us particularly LIKE Taco Bell, a fact that they pointed out to me a few times, but I informed them that Jason Bartlett had worked very hard to steal free tacos for us, and by god, we are going to eat them. It's the principle of the matter. None of my coworkers care a lick about baseball, and know Jason Bartlett only in the context that he is the October hottie on my Twins wall calender. I credit them with being extremely good sports about the whole thing. (I'm also pretty sure they were skeptical about the whole free taco idea, right up until the tacos were actually in our hands.)

While waiting for our free tacos, a strange man informed me that I looked like Sarah Palin, to which my response was a look of horror and an emphatic "God forbid!" followed by "I buy my clothes off the rack."

After he walked away, a co-worker noted the irony by saying "Of all the people to say that to...."

Perhaps I will think about growing my bangs out.

Anyway, thank you Jason Bartlett, for winning everyone free tacos with your base-stealing prowess. They were delicious.

In other vaguely baseball-related news, I find this Guitar Hero World Tour ad entertaining enough to have watched it at least a dozen times so far.

A-Rod is totally the weak link, and I find it amazing how much I did NOT ever need to see him in his underwear.

In contrast, the ad also serves as just one more bit of evidence to support the Official Those Girls Theory that Michael Phelps should be legally prohibited from wearing pants.


Anonymous said...

I also remembered the free tacos, but for other reasons decided not to eat one.

I made sure to tell my bank teller, though, and also made sure to remind him that it was Mr. Bartlett who made this all possible.

So I was going to be Sarah Palin for Halloween, but figured I would have to cut my bangs (our glasses are so similar I want to punch her). But my friend who already has bangs REALLY REALLY wanted to be Sarah Palin and we are going to the same party. That, and her boyfriend is going to be Todd Palin.

It's hard to compete with a couples-costume... So I'm going with my first, pre-RNC costume choice, Darth Vader. For a while I was thinking of combining the two and going as Palin Vader, but...


k-bro said...

I completely forgot the free taco. I'm bummed and ashamed. I know that Barty worked really hard so the whole country could have free tacos, and I blew it. *sigh*

Dear tammy,
Palin Vader made me laugh out loud (co-workers peeking over cubicle loud).

Jeremiah said...

So, I took a look at your photos and realized that you could ABSOLUTELY be mistaken for Sarah Palin. Of course, that was after 16 shots of tequila, 20 pints of Guinness, half a bottle of Bacardi, 2 hits of acid and a drop of X, but yeah, it was there.
I should also point out that my kitten also looked like Sarah Palin, so maybe it was just the alcohol poisoning and hallucinogens talking.

So would it be Palin Vader or Darth Palin? I guess from a Star Wars technicality standpoint, it would be the latter, but a combination of the two might result in Darth Pader or Darth Valin... oooh, Darth Valin sounds cool because it's almost Darth Villain which is like classic black & white cartoon evil!

Katie said...

Yes, I'm fairly certain that "the Taco Bell Incident," as we're now calling it, was much more a product of the fact that I happen to be a Crazy-Magnet, prone to confrontations with the mentally ill, in public places, rather than any actual resemblence. Thank jeebus.

Although, I'd probably think Palin was more interesting if she had a shag and preference for hoodies.

Jeremiah said...

Considering she's an Alaskan... I think when she's not on the campaign trail and allowed to wear her own clothes, she's probably a hoodie chick.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

You are totally a crazy-person magnet. Lucky girl!

claudia said...

i kept telling my co-workers about bartlett's wonderfulness in getting us tacos. i think they got annoyed with me. and then only one of them actually went out and got one. i was greatly disappointed in them. i enjoyed mine, though!