Friday, October 3, 2008

"Bummer about your Twins..."

This morning was the first time I was able to form coherent sentences about the Twins' fate. Previously, people (well-intentioned, I'm sure) would say things like "Bummer about your Twins," and the most I could muster up for a reply was a growly "Yeah," accompanied with a facial expression that very clearly conveyed "if you make me talk about this anymore, I will gouge your eyes out and eat them."

But this morning I was able to discuss the matter with my ever-tolerant mother, only beause it was within the scope of a conversation about the playoffs as a whole (and the fact that the '08 Brewers' experience seems to be awfully similar to the '06 Twins' experience). I explained my new theory that, in the spirit of things always working out for the best, the Universe had to make the Twins lose, because the Rays are a team of destiny. The Twins had to lose so that Twins fans, clearly the greatest fans in the world of baseball, would rally around the Rays instead. My theory was reinforced when I realized that Jason Bartlett is Mr. October on my 2008 Twins wall calendar (which is, for some reason, SO much less depressing than Torii Hunter July and Johan Santana August.....hey, it's a crappy calendar.) I take this as a wonderful omen for Barty and his Rays.

Another great omen for the Rays? Tonight's game. Heck yeah.


David said...

Bartlett was awesome today.

Katie said...

"Being Awesome" is on Jason's daily To Do List.

Jeremiah said...

I actually found that on his To Do list for yesterday, it's crazy!
1. Wake Up
2. Shower
3. Brush Teeth
4. Stretch Glove
5. Practice
6. Be Awesome
7. Destroy White Sox

linda said...

That is a great way of looking at it.
I'm thrilled to see Jason doing so well.

Anonymous said...

back when he was still a piranha, we knick-named him Bitty Bitty Bartlett.

I hear he is the team MVP. That is beyond awesome.

And now that there are (sadly) no Brewers to cheer for I am officially 110% behind the Rays. (And I am a force to be reckonded with!)


Anonymous said...

Great for Bartlett that he was named MVP, but can he honestly be more valuable than Longoria...

Still proud of him though...

Roger said...

Uh...Twins were in Tampa when they announced the Rays' team awards. Gladden and Gordon talked about it on the radio. Team MVP was voted on by the local sportswriters. Bartlett was very affable and cooperative with the writers throughout the year. Thus, based on this and his everyday presence in the lineup, he was the writers' choice--not so much for his actual performance. Of course, the Gladden/Gordon theory was that he was schooled by the Twins when it came to dealing with writers, so partial credit goes to Minnesota.

Jeremiah said...

I didn't realize this, but that To Do list I found, was actually from 2006! Crazy how it matches the one from 2008.
But on a serious note, my prediction will come true and it will be the Rays and the Dodgers because God HATES the Yankees, but he likes Joe Torre, but he loves Jason Bartlett.