Monday, October 13, 2008

The Brandon Inge Effect

It seems like every post-season, there's one player about whom I get inexplicably obsessed with. I have dubbed this the "Brandon Inge Effect," for the completely unreasonable fascination I developed with him in '06. Last year it was Troy Tulowitzki (pretty much just because his name is both fun to say AND write).

This year, the winner is Phillies pitcher Brett Myers.

I honestly think that this newest baseball crush of mine was a season in the making. First off, there was the elaborate Spring Training Kyle Kendrick prank that Myers set in motion, and let's face it.....I do love a great evil mastermind. Then later in the season, Myers got sent down to pitch for the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, which caused a lot of ESPN analysts and the ESPN Baseball Today podcast guys to say "Lehigh Valley IronPigs" a LOT. And every time someone says "Lehigh Valley IronPigs," I laugh.

But this past week's performance from Brett Myers was just the final straw. Pitchers who can hit earn triple extra bonus points in my universe. Going 3-for-3 in a playoff game was unreal.

And just like that, I'd be a lot less disappointed if the Phillies make the Series. But only if Brett Myers can pitch at he bats. It's fun to watch.

Granted, I'm not wild about Brett's personal issues, but the Brandon Inge Effect is not logical or rational. It just happens. I don't choose it.


I mean....Brandon Inge, for pete's sake.


k-bro said...

We don't find the Brandon Inge Effect. The Brandon Inge Effect finds us.

Tami said...

Perhaps readers can share their personal "Brandon Inge Effect" stories. For both my sister and myself, the Inge Effect has found us in the form of one Rocco Baldelli during this 2008 postseason.

Michele said...

I have had the brandon Inge affect get me for Jayson Werth! My beloved goes really him and I am left with saying, "Oh he is tall and I like the way he runs, it's lanky."

She just stares at me

Katie said...

Both great choices, ladies. I think Rocco is one of the best baseball stories of the year.