Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Boof-Day victory.

I can think of no better way to celebrate Boof Bonser's birthday than watching his hometown team kick the crap out of the Red Sox.

And just like that, the Rays are just 5 more wins away from becoming "Your World Champion Tampa Bay Rays." Say it out-loud. Trust me. Do it. It's fun. It's even more fun if you really try to say it like a baseball announcer.

I work with a set of twins, (whom everyone refers to as "The Twins" which confuses me in conversations at least once a day) and they used to live in St. Petersburg, FL. They're not really into baseball, but they are cognizant enough of my obsession that recently they snagged a Sun Country Airlines magazine from their flight to Las Vegas for me because it had Joe Mauer on the cover. Anyway....the other day one of them (it's hard to say which one because of the identical twins thing) was looking at news headlines online and said "Wait a second....are the Rays good now?!"

I explained that yes, through a magical metamorphisis (and a smart off-season trade with the Greatest and Best Looking Baseball Team in the Universe) the Rays are actually awesome this year. They were astounded, and explained "they were crap when we lived there."

I like it better this way.


PatGLex said...

Check out Jim Souhan's column in today's (Wednesday's) paper [or online] -- he talks about the Former Twins Effect. I think the Rays are solid for the WC crown!

stars said...

i dig the blog! i am all rah rah rays too! (since my mets are long long gone)

Anonymous said...

A Happy Boof Day indeed!


Jeremiah said...

Weird how half of my predictions come true. I said before that the only way this would be better was if Boof were part of the Rays, and, well, this is as close as we can get, especially since I don't want to get rid of Boof.

Unfortunately, The Dodgers decided to die today and let the Phillies win *BOOO!* Joe Torre should have won at least 1 more just so the first win wouldn't have looked like a fluke. But, I still think he totally stuck it to the Yankees, and the Steinbrenners.

Now, onto the Rays sweeping the Col... err... the Musta... d'oh, the Bron... no, that's not it either. Ah, that Philadelphia team that has the name of a horse.

greenatty said...

HELLLOOOOOOOOOOO still hurtin' from last night?

claudia said...

i work at a nursing home, and my uniform consists of a polo shirt and black pants. every once in awhile one of the residents (who always wears polos) and i will be wearing the same color, and she will very quietly say, 'we're twins,' and i get really confused, too. :)