Monday, September 8, 2008

The Twins repay my love with UGH.

I don't think I'm alone in saying...........


I was so very happy on Friday. I really thought that the Twins were through breaking my heart for at least a little while.

And so, off we went to the Dome on Saturday.

We all know how that turned out. I have to say, we have witnessed some depressing losses in our time (most of them during these past two seasons....I actually had a streak of only going to winning games that ran from 2001-September of 2006.) But we haven't seen a gut-wrenching, heart-breaking 9th inning like Saturday's that I can remember. We're usually resigned to our fate by at least the 1st out of the 9th. But we really thought Justin had it there at the end. I hate Detroit.

And as much as it looked like the bullpen's fault, I don't blame them. I know who was really to blame. It was the polo-shirt wearing guy in our section who kept trying to start the wave. I believe I've gone on record a number of times as being very anti-wave. Mostly, this is just my own personal preference, because the wave is distracting and keeps my from being able to pay attention to the actual game, and because when it starts in my section, it generally involves someone yelling at me and being all bossy and demanding about it, and I get a little oppositional-defiant. But on Saturday, it was all about the timing. Our section was within shouting distance of the bullpen, and polo shirt guy started screaming and hollering about the wave at the very same time Dennys Reyes was warming up. Then polo shirt guy stopped for a bit, but started in again just as Matt Guerrier started warming up. Coincidence? You be the judge.

Now, knowing that our bullpen has been struggling as of late, maybe just maybe, we shouldn't do everything in our power to be loud and annoying and distracting in their general area when they really should be concentrating. It's a bad idea. If we have to start the wave, start it near the other team when the they need to focus and concentrate.

Remember in'06 when people would start an "M-V-P" chant for Morneau as he came up to the plate? During one game, as the chant began, a guy sitting in front of us stood up and yelled "Stop it! When you do that, he never hits anything! It's too much pressure!" I loved that guy.

I'm also worried that perhaps the team doesn't think we love them enough. This season Those Girls have really refrained from pestering players, as a whole. Aside from yelling and flagging Matt Guerrier down once early in the season to force him to admire my mad Photoshop skillz:

we really haven't bothered any of them. I haven't blurted out one even one semi-embarrassing thing to a baseball player since Twinsfest. I was actually kind of proud of that fact. But now I'm afraid that they might think that we don't care as much. This is simply not true. As evidence of this fact, I would like to point out to the team that Those Girls chose Saturday's Twins game over meeting Steve Brady from Sex and the City.

Yes. Steve Brady (his real name is David Eigenberg, but unfortunately for him, he will always be Steve Brady to me) was at a local Obama campaign event on Saturday. Those Girls LOVE Steve Brady. I would have loved to have met Steve Brady. And I can almost guarantee that I would have blurted out at least one semi-embarrassing thing to Steve Brady, because SATC is one of the few things that cause me to really blur the fine lines between fiction and reality......

So, maybe it's a good thing that I love the Twins more than I love Steve Brady....even if the Twins did repay my love with heartbreak.


[EDIT--I almost forgot to mention the BEST part of Saturday's game. When Michael Jackson's Billie Jean played over the sound system, we witnessed some very impressive chair-dancing footwork from one Mr. Bobby Korecky. It is definitely in my top ten list of most adorable things we've seen this season, and was on par with the time we caught Joe Nathan singing along with gusto when they played Sweet Caroline.]


Jeremiah said...

Funny, we were at the same game. Did you also notice that the second Tigers run happened while people were doing the wave? I'm not sure about the first Tigers run, if any waves were trying to be started at that point, but it can't, just CAN'T be a coincidence.
I also agree that the bullpen shouldn't be blamed... at least not too much. Though, I hate to say it, i don't think Reyes has much of a future with the Twins after this season. He's been knocked down to a one batter pitcher, we have 2 or 3 lefties we can call upon over him who are younger and have more pitches than he does, plus his ERA has steadily been rising, and on a guy who usually only faces one batter, that's an extremely bad thing.
Guerrier keeps being put into heavy pressure situations and doesn't seem to be responding well. I love him, but he's just not the right guy to replace Neshek. Then again, the entire bullpen hasn't quite been up to par recently. Not even Guardado and Nathan, so I guess I can't put much blame on him.
I think the Twins just feel bad for teams who are doing so horribly, that they have to make them feel better by beating a team who they should be trouncing all over.

Tricia said...

Ugh is right. We were there too, and that game blew! I know, that's not a very eloquent thing to say, but it's true.

I understand your love for Steve Brady. It showed a lot of loyalty for the Twins for you to show up at that crappy game instead of going to see Steve.

killerbrew said...

I HATE the wave as well. Love watching a game at the dome, but nothing turns my mood sour quicker than a group of d-bags thinking they're sweet and trying to start the wave, especially in tense moments in a close game. Unfortunately it seems to happen every single game I go to. THAT gives me Matt Garza face.

claudia said...

" generally involves someone yelling at me and being all bossy and demanding about it, and I get a little oppositional-defiant." :D

i wish they would show the boys singing and dancing up on the screen. :) they're just all so dang cute.