Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thanksgiving in September

In order to distract myself from the insanely intense upcoming battle with the White Sox, I am focusing on being thankful.

I am thankful....
  • that yesterday was an off-day. Because last night was the premiere of both Dancing with the Stars AND Heroes, (and Monday Night Football, but I had to skip that due to a limited number of televisions and recording devices) plus I had to work. I was up quite late catching up on everything as it was. If I had to watch a baseball game too, I don't know if I could have done it.
  • that Maks is back on DWTS, dancing with Misty May. Nothing to do with baseball...but I'm very, very thankful.
  • that I am not going to any of these White Sox games. It's too much pressure.
  • that the Twins are not at the bottom of the division like a lot of experts said we would be.
  • that it's the last week of the regular season, and the games still mean something. Baseball is way more fun that way.
  • for a great weather forecast for the last weekend of baseball.
In order to keep things light, I would love it if people going to this Sox series could rock the Dome cheesy high school Homecoming pep rally style. I envision a big banner proclaiming "Launder the Sox" or maybe "Bleach the Sox! No.....on 2nd thought they'd probably enjoy that." Plus streamers and pom-poms and positive attitudes. It certainly couldn't hurt.

And for the remainder of the season, I'm making "Cherry Pie" my new favorite song. If you can't beat 'em....join 'em.


k-bro said...

"Sock the Sox. Wait they'd probably enjoy that too!"

S.Rail said...

I think the offday is going to really help the Twins. They needed a break before this big series. Oh, I am so nervous for this series. But I am cheering as loud as ever!

Mrs. Slowey said...

I will TOTALLY make a pep rally type sign for thursday night!!! It gives me a good distraction from things in my life! Pom poms and all!
Oh and my friend had a thought on the "new" dome dog....a "bull dog". Thought it was funny!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

NNNOoooo! Don't give into Cherry Pie Pressure!!! I need you to mock with me. People don't understand the pain!!!

Jeremiah said...

Sorry, didn't see this before the game tonight, but it didn't matter. However, people kept trying the flush the toilet, both times it resulted in critical outs for the Twins and the MVP chants made Morneau miss. People suck.
Hopefully we didn't blow too much load tonight, but I'm thinking with 3 starters on 3 days rest and our starters with an extra day for the most part, along with our bullpen, we have the advantage.
Also, suck the Griffey got a HR to give them 3 runs in the 9th, but he's now tied with Sosa who doesn't deserve to be in the HR leader board.