Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Thoughts in Bullet Point Format, for luck.

  • I highly doubt that I will ever love Jason Kubel more than I love him tonight. Enjoy it while it lasts, buddy.
  • I have heard a handful of different analysts say that Nick Swisher is losing playing time because Dewayne Wise is so good. But I think that everyone who reads this blog knows the truth. Dewayne Wise has nothing to do with this. The truth of the matter is that Nick Swisher owes the downward spiral of his career to the awesome destructive power that is my love. I definitely think I should be getting more credit for this.
  • I wish I could make a PSA for the jumbotron. It would say "When you chant M-V-P, Justin can't hit anything. Wait until he actually does something first, and THEN you can chant for him."
  • Tonight was awesome, but no one get cocky, OK? Everyone be extra careful to avoid jinx-worthy comments and/or actions.
  • I am both amused and annoyed that FOX picked up Saturday's game with the Royals. I'm amused because no one at the beginning of the season could have predicted that two of FOX's last-minute end of the season pick-ups would be a Rays-Twins game and a Royals-Twins game. I am annoyed because after dragging our butts out to the Dome for those god-awful 11:00am games on the last Saturday (and last season that included drinking a Cotton Candy milkshake at 9:00am so as not to disturb our pre-game ritual, which is unbelievably gross), Those Girls thought that a 6:00pm start time looked pretty darn good. 2:55 is still better than 11 in the morning, I suppose. I will count my blessings.


JS said...

Good luck... I'm totally pulling for you guys!

Jeremiah said...

If you're going to be there for the FOX game, at least you're not going to have to listen to the horrible announcers like some of the rest of us.