Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A pleasant off-day surprise

The Twins didn't play. The White Sox didn't play. The Rays lost to the Red Sox.

I was fully prepared to write the night off, baseball-wise.

And then Torii Hunter decided to engage in fisticuffs with Pudge Rodriguez, and suddenly an Angels/Yankees game I normally wouldn't even think about was not only relevant, but awesome.

I think that this was a fairly obvious attempt on Hunter's part to win back some Those Girls love. It's a pretty good start. We really freaking hate Pudge Rodriguez. And we do love a good brawl.

Oh Torii, you still know us so well. Thanks, man.


Jeremiah said...

Huh, that was interesting. Thanks for pointing that out, I would never have known. Pudge was being stupid with that little "get outta here" shove with his glove.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

WHAT? I missed fisticuffs? Damn, I miss all the fun. Thanks for the photo...tee hee hee, a good old fashion shove.

Jeremiah said...

If you want to see the brawl, go to the Angels MLB site, they have it in full! Also... I LOVE TORONTO! (When they're not playing the Twins and they're playing the White Sox and helping us get back to 1 game back)

claudia said...

it's too bad torii had to wait til he wasn't a twin anymore to start a brawl. i want to see one so badly! :) (but i'm glad our boys are too nice. :) )