Thursday, September 11, 2008

MVP thoughts while I'm waiting for baseball to start.

I'm torn.

Personally, I REALLY can't wait for the weekend. I'm tired.

But, baseball-wise, I know that Friday=roadtrip. And roadtrip=suck.

So, I can't really say/think things like "Friday needs to get here," because it seems like a mean thing to wish on the Twins. Poor guys.

Not to blow things out of proportion, but we've won TWO whole games in a row! It's been pretty exciting. A series win is nice for a change. It's been a while.

While I'm anxiously waiting for today's game to start online, I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the AL MVP free-for-all.

Ian Kinsler was my early pick. But he's broken. Plus, if the award went to a Ranger, it'd be Hamilton anyway. But Hamilton has descended from his mid-season God-Like status, to being merely Super-Human now. Plus, only A-Rod is allowed to be MVP for a non-winning Rangers team. I believe that was written into his contract somewhere.

The Rays' success has been a fairly team-wide one, so it's hard to give it to one individual player. (Although, Joe Maddon is clearly the most deserving Manager of the Year contender, and Evan Longoria should be a lock for ROY, in my opinion.)

If, hypothetically, I were able to to put on my Objective Thinking Cap, 2 weeks ago I would have said Carlos Quentin should get it. He had great numbers, plus he deserves a lot of singular credit for the Sox being in 1st place, like it or not. But, he's broken now too.

Dustin Pedroia was getting a lot of MVP hype a while ago, but whenever I hear the name Dustin Pedroia, I immediately flash back to the image of him dancing shirtless, so it's impossible for me to seriously consider him for anything involving the word "valuable." If it was the MRP award, and the R stood for "ridiculous," I would be tirelessly campaigning for him.

K-Rod seems like a major candidate for the award. I won't go into a long diatribe about whether this is right or wrong (btw, it's wrong), but I do think everyone needs to think seriously about what, exactly, it says about the 2008 MLB season if the Most Valuable Player is a guy whose only job is to not lose games. Granted, given the past couple weeks of Twins-fandom, a player who is capable of not losing games does seem pretty valuable....but still. I can't get on board with this. Sorry.

So, honestly, Objective Thinking Cap on or not, I'd go with Justin Morneau either way, especially if when we make the playoffs. Justin has good league-wide numbers, and like Quentin, he gets a lot of credit for the Twins' success this season. I can't imagine him ever being attention-starved enough to dance around shirtless (which, for some people is a negative, I guess), and he's the type of guy we look to to win games for the team, not just to not lose them. Plus, he won the Home Run Derby. C'mon. That's got to be worth something.


k-bro said...

Excellent analysis.

I wouldn't mind seeing Justin dance shirtless, but I think you're right that it's doubtful he would.

I wish someone knew a remedy or antedote or something so that this upcoming roadtrip won't suck as much as the last one.


Anonymous said...

I thought about the latest Twins-suckiness and I had a thought. Remember when we here decided you couldn't wear your old post-season shirt during regular season because we figured it was a jinx?

OBVIOUSLY we were wrong. Start wearing it everyday. Never take it off, never wash it. I think this will greatly improve the Twins's chances at post-season, and J-MO's shot at MVP.

Sorry, I could never get behind Quentin, not because of his White Soxiness so much, as that fact that he broke himself throwing a hissy fit like a little baby. That is no way for an MVP to act.

My two cents (that will cost you $3.50)


S.Rail said...

Whoop! Morneau is so gunna MVP again. He already has tied Hamiltion for RBI leaders, and if the twins make the playoffs, who else could be MVP?

claudia said...

i vote we attention-starve justin ;)