Thursday, September 4, 2008

Losing gives me Garza-face

I was really disappointed with the loss last night.

Not for any of the obvious reasons.

I was mostly disappointed because I had convinced myself that I'd stumbled upon a new bullpen-centric good luck ritual to ensure a win.

It worked on Friday. I forgot about it on Saturday. I remembered on Sunday. Forgot on Tuesday.
Coincidence? Not possible.

But I remembered yesterday! Right until the last minute, I was absolutely certain that things would go our way. I did what I was supposed to do.

But no.

And then, to make matters worse, I was at work during the game, and my boss was trying out a new mp3 FM transmitter she got. Right at the exact moment Toronto won the game, "Cherry Pie" started playing. I am not making this up. I assume that this was simply a case of the Universe taunting me.

I'm keeping the precise details of my good luck ritual a secret for now, because I haven't quite given up on it. I think it just needs some tweaking. I will tinker with it today, and see where that gets us.

I hope it works, because losing gives me Garza-face. "Garza-face" is what I have dubbed this particular affliction:


Jessica said...

Yeah, Mr. Garza was not happy. While he is supremely entertaining when he's pissed off, he tends to give up game changing homers which is a bummer.

k-bro said...

Mother used to say, "if you don't stop doing that, your face will freeze that way."

So, the Twins really need to win a bunch in a row. I'm sure you have a nice face; it would be a shame to ruin it.


Jeremiah said...

I think the same thing that keeps the Twins from winning, is the same thing that keeps getting Kevin Costner work.
I actually just researched this and never knew, but the Twins have NEVER had a Wild Card berth. We've always been division champs.

Mrs. Slowey said...

lol...i love the face he's making.
i'd like to see you making that'd be funny! :)
can i just say how depressed i am over the LONG road trip that was disasterous?

Jeremiah said...

Maybe the riots at the RNC had nothing to do with the Republicans. Maybe it was because the Twins were out of town and losing.

L said...

Best face ever.

claudia said...

ooh - that is not a good affliction