Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I hate Cleveland.

I don't even want to talk about it.
My somewhat-irrational [although getting less irrational every day] hatred of Cleveland has taken on a new intensity tonight.

Dear Entire City of Cleveland,
I hate you. You smell funny. Grady Sizemore's attractiveness is
entirely overrated. And all the sports writers are right....LeBron James IS too
good for Cleveland.

Those Girls


Jeremiah said...

I like how you say "I hate you" and end with "Those Girls" a plural in a singular entity or a contradiction in terms.
Also, I'm sure tonight, is, once again, my fault. I KNOW better than to watch or listen when I haven't been. I turned the game on in my car on the way home from work... top of the 8th, Mauer at bat. I knew we were screwed because I started listening. I'm so so so sorry.

Also, I concur, Cleveland sucks donkey balls through a twisty straw.

k-bro said...

I thought the whole planet hated Cleveland. In fact, I'm pretty sure Cleveland hates Cleveland.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry... I don't hate Cleveland. Not this year anyway... the Grady Sizemore Meow Movement helped in that regard.

Aw heck... I just can't be too pissed right now. I just got in on MN Wild presale tickets and scured two Club Level seats for the game on my birthday.

I'm not abandoning the Twins, but I thank the Lord for Hockey, come the dead of winter


claudia said...

guerrier is from ohio and he hates cleveland, so i think that's saying something.

and there's something really funny-looking about grady sizemore.