Friday, September 26, 2008

Excited beyond words for a series with the Royals. Who knew?

I only have one specific about last night's game, beyond giddy squealing sound-effects: I'm pretty sure that the loud and raucous "Let's Go Pun-to!" cheer was one of the Top Ten Most Awesome Things That Have Ever Happened In The History Of The World. Just sayin'.

In spite of going to bed last night with the warm fuzzy security of knowing that I'm lucky (and smart) enough to be a fan of the greatest sports franchise in the world, I did not sleep well. I was too gosh darn excited.

I am excited beyond words for a series with the Royals. Who knew?

There are two circumstances in my past where I can recall being almost this excited to watch the Twins play the Royals.

1) My senior year of college, I skipped my UWRF Wednesday evening SCUBA class quite a bit in order to go to College Night at the Dome (I actually missed that class so many times that I had to test out of everything in one make-up afternoon. Thank god the instructors were Twins fans and understood my compulsions.) I was always very excited for the inevitable hot mess that was Lower GA College Night meeting Chuck Knoblauch in the outfield. Good times. The youngins these days don't know what they're missing up there in the Cheap Seats.

2) I taught school in Louisiana for a year, and the closest thing I had to baseball was driving 4 hours to Houston to see the Astros, or driving 2 hours to New Orleans to see the Zephyrs (who, at the time, were the Astros AAA team). For those of you who don't know....I happen to hate the Astros. It killed me. I only went to one Twins game that year, while I was home visiting, and it happened to be against the Royals. I was pretty excited about that game too. I bought awesome seats 2 rows up from 1st base for Doug Mientkiewicz reasons, but he busted up his wrist literally the night before. Just my luck.

Anyway....I am quite thrilled about this series. We'll be at the Dome all weekend. We're looking forward to the necessity of high-fiving strangers. That's not something we say very often.

[Just in case anyone needed to make these games even more high-stakes, I have one more Twins Storytime story in me for the regular season, but it only really works if things go well. Otherwise I will have to save it for another season.]

[A non-baseball related aside about not sleeping well....when I'm really tired and get up early I tend to feel a little urpy. I went to go fill my gas tank at 7:30am, feeling urpy. When I paid, the clerk said, in a bizarrely surprised manner, "Oh, you don't need any beef sticks or anything?" Um....gross. I feel a little sick just thinking about it again. Honestly, does anyone ever really NEED beef sticks? Especially at 7:30am? No.]


Mrs. Slowey said...

the clerk really asked you that? that's just wrong. and really gross.

Yay though for Twins wins!!! Check out the pic of the big group hug in the Trib today...not sure whose extra arms are around Joe...or how they are comfortably in there, but it's funny!

Jill said...

This has now become my favorite Twins blog site. Being a huge Twins fan from Arkansas is never an easy task, but last night's game gave me all kinds of credibility with my friends back home. My second game in the Metrodome was truly a magical experience. I have now changed my Yahoo avatar to the back of Denard Span's jersey, and I am seriously considering investigating Nick Punto's relationship status.

Rock on ladies, and let's see what kind of havoc we can wreck on the Royals already abysmal season.

"Let's go Punto, let's go"!

Anonymous said...

A full blown, stadium-wide chant of "Let's Go Punto" is what I (and Redmond) have been waiting for ALL YEAR!

**and funny** I was eating beef sticks at the game last night!


Michele said...

Omg I could not go to the game but I watched from the middle of the 4th on. Stupid job meetings going to 7:45pm

My favorite part other then Punto chant was when Alexi, Denard were celebrating between the first and second and Span was knocked down. So Gomez comes charging in and the scrum is on and then the fourth guy there is Mike Redman(who knew he was that fast) and he bangs all the guys on the back and then grabs Span's jersey and hauls him up. I figure he did not want Span to get hurt. So I am totally thrilled that it is REDDOG head cheerleader and security guy! I love my boys.

PatGLex said...

Heck, I can't even stomach any sort of soft drink before noon! Beef sticks are edible only after 5 p.m. with a big bag o'chips and a Diet Pepsi.

I suspect last night's game ranked right up there with '91 Series Game 6. Young'uns, I was at that one, and it was the most amazing game ever. I had no voice and hardly any hearing after the game.

It's tough being 700 miles from the Dome, without TV access, but I will be thinking good thoughts tonight and wearing my Twins cap.

And checking in frequently with ESPN News

claudia said...

the 'let's go, pun-to' was great.
it was just a great night all around (except for dear kevin's injury :( ). i was there, and my goodness, it was nuts! best game i've ever been to! i called my sister right after the game to celebrate, and my brother-in-law answered. he told her i sounded like i was drunk and hanging from a lampost (i was neither).