Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bullpen Charlie

If someone gave me a list of bullpen pitchers:

Boof Bonser, Jose Mijares, Juan Rincon, Dennys Reyes and Joe Nathan,

then asked me to rank them based on their likelihood of giving up a soul-crushing and game-winning home run to the opposing team, Joe Nathan would have been my least likely candidate.

After the last bullpen fiasco, tammy sent me a lovely Charlie Brown picture to help me get through the day. Through the magic of Photoshop, Charlie now plays for the Twins. I was hoping that the bullpen wouldn't make me post Bullpen Charlie again this season.... but....well....

I'll take a little bit of the blame, because I experimented with an attempt to Swisherize Grady Sizemore. I don't need to ask Eddie how well that worked.

I intend to spend today working very hard to avoid baseball-related panic attacks.

I do have one little message for Grady and the Tribe:
You know how you're playing now? Remember that at the end of the season. If y'all look like you're phoning it in against the Sox, so help me god, I will hunt each and every one of you down and make you pay. It will not be pleasant. Trust me.


Anonymous said...

Charles Schultz must have been a Twins fan.


Michele said...

Would it be disloyal to mention that the 2009 schedule is up. Home opener against Seattle

Katie said...

Don't get me started. I am annoyed with various particulars of the new schedule.

nelle said...

To borrow a statement from a friend: "If you were to tell me at the end of last season that the Twins were going to lose Santana, Silva and Garza over the off-season and that the BULLPEN was going to be the problem in '08, I would have thought you were crazy"

S.Rail said...

Baseball Panic attacks are hard to avoid these days and it's going to be a struggle to avoid them during the Tampa series.

Our Bullpen seriously needs a little slap in the face here.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Wow, if I were a Cleveland player I would be scared.

claudia said...

that pic is very sad :(