Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bored now. Go Rays.

Having my heart broken by the Twins has gotten, predictably, quite boring now.

So I just pretended they didn't exist today and concentrated 100% on sincere happiness about the Rays officially being post-season bound. My crankiness about the Twins losing in no way diminishes my unabashed enthusiasm about this fact. Go Rays!

Although I might be hoping, just a little, that the Rays will celebrate too hard tonight and play like dog poo tomorrow (a la the '06 Twins team).

And it did strike me today that WAY before I decided that the Twins should win 3 games of this series, I had actually called for them to split this series. So, perhaps the baseball gods are simply holding me to my previous agreement. In which case.....we're due.


Jessica said...

I think there's a good chance your prediction might be right. With Liriano on the mound and hung over Rays. Just make sure to root for the Jays and Royals a little extra!

Michele said...

Yea alcohol and batting 9 guys in the 4th, oh and I can not stop playing with the target field interactive thingy