Friday, September 19, 2008

And they lived to tell about it....'s about time.

There have been more than a handful of games this season that left me scratching my head, and pondering aloud "how the hell did we lose that game?!"

Finally, fate has repaid the favor, and even this morning I am still baffled, wondering "how the hell did we win that game?!"

I can say that I have never wanted to kiss Alexi Casilla so much as I did last night. Well, I have never wanted to kiss Alexi Casilla at all before last night, actually. But now, I think I might be in love. Way to come through for us, kid.

And when they lifted Kubel for Everett, I had flashbacks to game 2 of the final series of the season vs. the Sox in '06, when the announcement "Now pinch-hitting for Jason Kubel....Rondell White!" was literally the ONLY funny thing about that hideous game. (Why I vividly remember such odd details, I don't know.) But anyway, no one was more surprised about Everett's fantastic performance than I was. Kudos, Adam. I've never been more pleased to be proven wrong.

I do think we should gift the Twins pitching staff with t-shirts to commemorate this game:

I still can't believe we won.

I hope the team buys Alexi and Adam shiny presents.


Anonymous said...

The Swisher Effect is REAL!! Very real! I have been secretly pulling for the Rays all season, and when they met the Twins last night I was torn on who to cheer for and decided, no matter what, I had to keep hearting the Rays.

And it brought them down!

Even when my heart was rebelling from my mind saying, "But Joe Nathan is your boyfriend!" My mind said, "Shut up, this reverse love thing is working."

So I cheered against my Beloved Motorboat... so that I could cheer for him. Then my head exploded. Then we won!


Katie said...

I wonder if the Swisher Effect would work as well if I actually had GOOD luck?

I'm thinking about going to the convenience store and ordering "One losing lottery ticket, please."

claudia said...

i'm proudly taking all the credit for last night's win. in the third inning i said that alexi was sometime going to hit a two-run homer to tie the game. i didn't think it would take til the ninth to do it, but i was not remotely surprised when he did. :) (i wish i always had this talent.) he actually made me wish i had a boyfriend of the day, just so he could be it.

the everett thing was awesome, too. they said he was hitting for kubel and my jaw just dropped. but he kicked their bottoms!

way to go boys!

Mrs. Slowey said...

I love the poll!! i love the idea of it being a Twinkie Link. It sounds so dirty, but still funny at the same time.