Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We'll get 'em next time. I hope.

So, losing to the A's wasn't very fun. I'm trying not to dwell on it. Nick Blackburn feels bad enough already.

If we can just win the last 2 games, we'll have had a 7-2 homestand. There's nothing wrong with that. It's perfectly respectable, bordering on awesome. (Guys, I am really going to need you to win the next 2 games. It's embarrassing to lose to Oakland. OK?)

We went to the game on Saturday.

I took a picture of Carlos Gomez looking at his knees.

Going into the game, we had a few bits of history to consider. We've seen Scott Baker pitch many, many times. The Twins have only lost ONE of those games. Those are pretty good odds, except that the one game they lost was against Seattle last season. We remember these things. We hoped for the best, but prepared ourselves for the worst. But, it all worked out OK in the end. A win is a win, even if we have to gnaw our fingernails down in the process. We'll take it.

Here's a Happy Thought:
Assuming the team doesn't completely melt down on the road, we're on pace to score almost 100 more runs than last year.


Jeremiah said...

Once again, I was there with my buddy (wondering if one of us is bad luck.) But I have a thought that the pitcher shouldn't be the only one responsible for wins and losses since Everett screwed up twice (resulting in people not getting out, more pitches than would have been thrown otherwise plus different line-ups per inning) and Delmon Young SHOULD have had that flyball. Instead, he was afraid of running into the wall, plus he's really freaking slow! Apparently he has power... I've seen little of it, plus he doesn't have a great throwing arm and his throws are often barely on target if at all. I know some stats geeks are still rooting for him, and I hope he proves me wrong, but right now, I'd rather have Gomez in center and Span and Kubel playing the sides.
On the bright side, how about Ruiz?! It's fun rooting for a 30 yr old rookie whose having a decent time.

sarah1010 said...

I have to agree with the whole not blaming the pitcher comment. 3 runs over 8 innings is pretty good

S.Rail said...

That game made me want to puke. I just had this sick feeling in my stomach. We NEEDED that win. We even got a break when Duschischer (I don't even know how to spell that) got taken out in the 3rd. The worst thing that could've happend, is if we got no runs and The "long named starter" got the win. Oh, how that would have stunk.

Katie said...

I feel like I missed something...

I'm not blaming Nick Blackburn for ANYTHING.

Nick Blackburn said he felt bad about having given up 2 1st inning lead off home runs in a row now. I just didn't feel like dwelling on a crappy game we lost to a crappy team. That's all.

Jeremiah said...

Katie, sorry, i should have been more clear. I mean in the fact that pitchers are the only people blamed in the Wins/Losses stats, when I think other players had a much bigger hand in that than Blackburn did.