Sunday, August 3, 2008

My 3 Favorite Things about Sunday, and 1 Thing I Hate (2 if you count Nick Swisher).

Quiz: What was my favorite part of the day?

If you said "Winning," you're wrong.

Winning was only my second favorite part of the day.

If you guessed "Watching Zack Greinke nail Nick Swisher with a fastball to the buttocks," you're the big winner! (The KC/CWS game had all the action today. My third favorite thing about today was watching that 5th inning brawl.)

I actually almost (almost), felt bad for Nick when I saw his reaction....all stunned and hurt and confused.

I think Greinke just wanted to do be done pitching before his manager was ready to take him out (I guess the heat index on the field was like 120F), so he took care of business his own way. And if you wanna nail someone in the posterior, why wouldn't you pick Nick Swisher? You get to hit Nick Swisher, AND then go sit in the air conditioning? There's not much of a downside there.

Of course, the low point of the day was turning on the Twins game and seeing those hideous sleeveless uniforms. This is a fashion disaster that just will not die. Like mullets.

It's not that I'm opposed to sleeveless uniforms altogether. I just think ours were NOT done well. The arm holes are way too big and the jerseys wind up being too baggy on everyone, making them all look like they weigh 30 lbs more than they do. And to be filed under "My god, why didn't they just listen?!" an ESPN writer actually prophesied about how hideous our sleeveless uniforms would look, way back in pre-season '06 when they were first introduced. He's totally right about pinstripes, too. They do not work without sleeves. I suppose it was designed so they matched the pants...but still. I think the sin of having a decent-looking solid white vest with pinstripe pants is much less egregious than having ugly vests that fit like they were made by a local middle school's Introductory Home Ec class.

I know I say that I hate these uniforms too often. I'm sorry. It's just that it keeps being so true. Plus, I'd had a musical slide-show tribute to their passing almost was to the tune of "Candle in the Wind," and it was super classy. But no. They're still very much alive. I'm just disappointed. Thank you, Francisco. I will remember this.

Poor wardrobe decisions aside, I sincerely hope everyone is enjoying basking in our Number One-ness. It's pretty awesome, right?


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Man, the KC/CHI game had all the action!!! It was so wrong to laugh to hard but I couldn't help it.

So, would your tribute video feature the original version of Candle in the Wind or the Princess Diana version?

And it seems to me you live your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never knowing who to cling to
When the rain set in

Jeremiah said...

Oh come on... admit it. This entire blog was all so you could write the word "egregious." Yeah, who would have thought KC/CWS would have been THE game to watch? Hopefully we won't have to deal with that much heat this weekend.

OMG, I hate basketball! As if it weren't the most useless sport on the planet already, now ESPN is hyping up all the political BS surrounding stupid overpaid players and what they think about Darfur, Tibet, etc. (nothing to do with baseball, just happened to be going on while I was trying to catch up on scores, etc.)

Unfortunately, I don't think Liriano can really be blamed for the jerseys. I think they are now our third jersey... why can't we use the throwback style? OR maybe just not have a third jersey?

Katie said...

Lipgloss--You KNOW it was the original. I figured that way, it was a little tribute to Craig Monroe as well.

Jeremiah--Since the starting pitcher picks the day's uni, I'm afraid it falls on Liriano's shoulders. Maybe it was his own weird tribute to Livan. If so, I'll let it slide ONE game. I agree, we don't need a sleeveless alternate home jersey. It'd make more sense to me if a vest (solid, not pinstripes) was an alternate option for away games, where they play in the heat. They'd be functional, at least.

S.Rail said...

I can tell you that the Twins being in first place makes my mood very happy. :)

Jeremiah said...

I was not aware the pitcher picked the uniforms... what an odd arrangement. Maybe it was the only clean uniform they had?

Michele said...

Okay that did make me happy the twins winning, Nick getting plunked and most of all (sorry katie) AJ getting hit.

in case y'all missed it.

The uniforms are hideous and when I turned the game on I thought crap Katie is going to be pissed. Perhaps Frankie will make a better choice later.

linda said...

I vote they are hideous also.

Katie said...

No need to apologize Michele! AJ does take a punch really well. It's never NOT entertaining.

I would have worn my "I Punched AJ Too!" t-shirt today in honor of the brawl, but it's dirty and I didn't want to do laundry.

So I wore my "We Are #1" foam finger t-shirt instead.

AprilZZ said...

Great game! I didn't think Rincon should have been booed. I mean, I wanted him gone as much as the next guy but I said to my friend, "We shouldn't boo him, he'll give us our run back". And he did!
Bring on the M's! Let's go Twins :-)