Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh yeah...Torii Hunter still plays baseball....huh.

Whew! One down, 13 to go.

This might sound weird, but I sort of forgot about Torii Hunter. I mean, I didn't forget that he existed. In the back of my mind, I knew that somewhere an entity named Torii was still walking the Earth. I just don't think about him. When I tuned in to the game last night, I thought "Oh yeah. Torii Hunter still plays baseball. Huh." Aside from the Rangers, I couldn't care less about the AL West this I just haven't paid any attention, besides knowing that Angels basically won their division months ago. Blow-outs are boring.

But Torii and I got reacquainted last night. He surprised me a little with that walk he took off of Matty G. I would have thought he'd go chasing after that last pitch. Torii did have a tendency to swing at a lot of garbage. [Maybe it's something in the centerfield turf at the Dome....] It's OK. We loved him anyway. He also surprised me in a happy, happy way when he missed that Punto ball. (I suddenly think that "Puntoball" would be an awesome name for a new sport, and I'm going to try to invent one.)

I want to thank Jesse Crain for really coming through last night. I got a little nervous, I'll admit. But he was awesome and proved me wrong. And obviously, I'm equally grateful to Punto and Span....and Hunter.

There was much rejoicing. No Happy Dance yet, because I don't want to jinx the rest of the series. Winning the first game against the Annointed Best Team in Baseball in their own park was a good way to start the road trip. I'm convinced they're really in it to win it now.


Jeremiah said...

Whatever you end up doing with "Puntoball" You have to make people dive for some reason because of Punto's notorious headfirst slides and dives for balls.

Katie said...

Oddly enough, I envision a good old fashioned Slip N Slide playing a prominent role in Puntoball. Every nasty grass cut you get from it is worth 3 extra points.

Anonymous said...

a big "hell yeah" from me... on all points


Tricia said...

How could a game called Puntoball be anything but the best game ever?

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Puntoball! Me thinks You Girls have a new sign/t-shirt design to work on.

k-bro said...

Sign me up for your new Puntoball league.

Erin said...

Haha, I love the Puntoball idea... My younger brother and I came up with a game last year and named it after one of Mike Redmond's kids -- "Mookieball". No rules, no point, and tons of fun. We had a slightly deflated playground ball about 3 feet in diameter, which we booted around and tried to avoid getting hit (the ball has to be slightly deflated, otherwise it won't have the slightly "off" trajectory that makes dodging the Mookieball fun). Occasionally, the Mookieball would get stuck in a tree and we would spend quite a bit of time trying to knock it down with a Superman basketball.

Yes, we're weird.

Jeremiah said...

Alright, so slightly deflated playground ball of some sort, a slip'n'slide environment.. I think I'm getting the idea.
Could be a dodgeball like game where you dive onto the Slip N Slide with the ball and try to nail other people on their Slip N Slides while simultaneously dodging balls yourself?
And then, of course, the grass cuts at the end of each Slip N Slide area... Hmm, not quite formed yet, but it's getting close.