Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ode to the Oakland Series

I think it's funny that our game tonight is one of the chosen games for instituting instant replay. There really aren't any spots in Oakland that cause questionable home run calls.

Oh well. It's fun to be a part of history, anyway.

It's a pretty important series even without the replay. The Sox are playing the Sawx. So, if we lose to Oakland, we're going to lose ground either in the division or the wild card. Either way....bad news.

So, to get the team all fired up, I composed a little poem for them.

I want to wish you luck in Oakland,
I hope that no one gets a broke hand.
I'm sure you know the A's are scary,
So I want you to be wary.
It's bad enough we're in a rut,
I don't want you to get cut!
Don't forget to bring your glove,
Because good defense will win my love.
You know it's fun to be a Twin,
But it's twice as much fun when you win!


1 comment:

Mrs. Slowey said...

can i change my vote on how many games the twins will win on this road trip? seriously...why can't we beat crap teams?
i think we'll be lucky to come out of there at .500. boo!