Friday, August 15, 2008

Liriano Starting=Winning 1st Place.

How much fun was it having Carlos Silva back on the mound, eh? I know I loved it. It really was good to see him again. But it's way less stressful when he's giving up runs TO the Twins. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And I just got done cheering for Oakland. That doesn't happen too often. Although, with Swisher gone, and Chavez out, I don't hate them/fear for my life quite as much as I used to. I only recognize about half the names in their line-up now.

Since Liriano's been recalled, every time he's pitched we've wound up back in 1st place. I think this is an omen. Here's hoping he's pitching on the last day of the regular season, if the division race stays this tight.

Those Girls have declared tomorrow to be the official unofficial "Wear Sweats to the Dome Day." It was originally supposed to be "Wear P.J.s to the Dome Day," but I realized today that all of the pajama bottoms I own are various shades of pink. (I don't even really like pink that much, so I'm not sure how that happened.) I don't want to wear pink to a baseball sweats are the next best thing. They sort of look like pajamas.

Speaking of clothing choices, I am totally on board with the Twins' plan to be sneaky and wear their white uniforms on the upcoming road-trip. I say looking drab equals playing drab* . I don't want them to get in trouble though, so I went and checked the official rules (I guess I just assumed that wearing ugly gray as the away team was an official rule since everybody does it). Here's the rule governing uniform color:
A league may provide that (1) each team shall wear a distinctive uniform at all times, or (2) that each team shall have two sets of uniforms, white for home games and a different color for road games. (Rule 1.11, subsection b)
So...while it is sort of open to interpretation, it does imply pretty clearly that only the home team is supposed to wear white. No penalty is specifically mentioned for not conforming,'s worth a try. If the penalty is a fine, I'm cool with that. I'd even chip in (although not very much, because baseball players make WAY more than I do). If the penalty is a forfeit, not so much. Maybe a more prudent player hides a bunch of gray pants in his suitcase, just in case. If worse comes to worse, remember that tooth whitening commercial from a few years back where the kindergarten students are supposed to say what color their teacher's teeth are? They come up with a lot of great hues like "mother-of-pearl" and "ecru." If anybody questions the uniform color, I say the boys get creatively legalistic. "Mother-of-pearl" could totally fit the category of "different color."

In non-Twins, but still baseball-related, news, was anybody else paying attention to the Olympic baseball travesty this week? I've been sick, so I didn't blog about it earlier....but I was mighty upset. The U.S./Netherlands game got called early on account of rain, and the U.S. was awarded the win, with a score of 7-0. BUT, when the game was called in the 9th, the Netherlands had the bases loaded with NO outs. WHAT?! You do not stop a baseball game at that point and call it done. A few more bad pitches, and the game is tied. Anything can happen in baseball. If I was the Netherlands, I'd be so pissed off. Even if they still lost, at least if probably wouldn't have been a shut-out. Not that I wanted the U.S. to lose...but a love and appreciation of the purity of the sport of baseball trumps nationality, every time. Not cool, Olympic judges. NOT cool. On a happy note, Terry Tiffee had a great game. I miss Terry Tiffee. His name is fun to say.

*Says the girl wearing sweats in public. Don't worry. The irony is not lost on me.

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finally caught up on a week's worth of missed baseball thanks to my friends' text messages and your blog.

It feels good to be back in civilization.

PS. I heart Lil Johnny Horton