Sunday, August 10, 2008

I hope they got the suck out of their system....

The Twins are lucky the Olympics are going on to split my attention, because if I wasn't riding a high from the US freestyle relay team sticking it to the French tonight in spectacular fashion, I'd probably be pretty goshdarn upset about the sloppy baseball game I watched today. As it was, the Twins game was just one of several sporting events I watched, so the pain of the loss is dampened a little bit.

Actually, I had some pretty lofty goals for my day when it started. It was going to be the awesomest, most lazy, sports-soaked day in the history of lazy days. I had fully intended on spending the entire day watching other people participate in athletic activities. I had it all planned out....starting at 9 am with the USA/China basketball game (SO much more fun to watch than NBA basketball), then more Olympics until switching to the Twins game, then Olympic swimming prelims, followed by more Olympic swimming and gymnastics until 11pm. It was going to be an epic experiment in slothfulness.

Unfortunately, my plans were foiled by 2 things: I had an hour-long appointment I forgot about, and polo bored me to the point of having to turn the TV off for a little bit. I tried really hard to appreciate the water polo. I tried to understand the rules. Once I had a grasp of the rules, I tried to entertain myself by thinking of funny water polo innuendo like "Water polo players don't submerge their balls," but nothing worked. It looked too much like Marco Polo...just dudes flopping around in the pool. I just couldn't take any more.

But yeah...the Twins game.

...kinda sucked. It felt like the team was just having their regularly scheduled Yankees psych-out, but a day early, apparently. I wanted to tell them "No, no, no....we don't just hand over games without a fight until're still in Kansas, guys!"

I'm trying very hard to be optimistic and think that maybe they got the suck out of their systems today, and will play brilliantly from now on. It's possible, right? I'm keeping the dream alive.

Of course, on the downside, we are up against Sidney Ponson again. He might as well be playing in our division for the amount of times we've seen him this season. There are no words to express how annoyed I am at having to think "This could be a tough game; we're playing against Sidney Ponson," without the slightest hint of sarcasm or giggling.


Jeremiah said...

Hey Katie,
Well, my buddy and I were at the game today. Currently I'm running on about 1 hour of sleep over the course of 48 hours.
Anyway, I am officially labeling Mike Lamb as Twins Public Enemy #1. All Twins fans have the right to boo him at any time for any reason. I don't know why Gardy wants to give Morneau so much time off from first base, but it was ridiculous.
The play where Baker went for the bunt and so did Lamb, then Lamb stopped, DIDN'T go back to first, then just stood in front of Baker like a moron where Punto realized he was going to have to be absolutely amazing and try to cover first was insane. If Morneau were covering, one of two things would have happened, he either would have jumped back on first, or shoved Baker into the batter, thus tagging him out.

Then there were two plays that WOULD have been double-plays, but Punto realized that he would have been throwing to Lamb and counting on him to actually catch the ball. Punto decided better to let the runner have first than risk Lamb letting the ball get past him AGAIN.

Everett also screwed up, but we'll still blame that on Lamb. It's sad to think that a halfway decent player like Monroe was let go and Lamb's sorry ass is still here.

Sorry, I needed to let this one out. Being on the road for over 14 hours to watch that crap happen essentially due to ONE GUY, he deserves it.

Tricia said...

Ponson AGAIN? Gag.

Katie said...

Jeremiah, I think Lamb & Everett should reimburse you for your tickets and gas. The Houston players totally screwed us over yesterday. Having once lived in Houston, I'm not actually that surprised. Everything from Houston sucks.

Tricia, yes...Ponson. We just cannot escape his greasy grasp.

Jeremiah said...

Yeah... Everett screwed up with that bad throw, but let's face it. If Morneau were on the bag, he would have made the catch, because that's what he does. And even if he did have to jump to get the ball, he knows how to land in the same place so that his foot will tag the base.