Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Sort-of Blogging

I'm really not in a baseball-y/bloggy sort of mood.

So I will just post something from the SI that I, and I'm sure many of you, got this week. It fits so well in this blog, there's no way I'm NOT pointing it out:

Thankfully, I had enough self-restraint to flip a few more pages before I condemned the SI to a very shreddy fate. SI tried very hard to make it up to me:

Adorable. And insightful, and overdue. Josh Hamilton gets all the hype, but Ian Kinsler is AMAZING at baseball too.

And as long as I brought up the Rangers:

Dear C.J. Wilson,

I don't care that everyone else on your team is pissed at you. I still love you AND your mohawk, don't worry. And even though I really love Eddie Guardado too and I'm super-psyched he gets to be a closer again, I hope you get better soon. I miss you.



Rob said...

I miss C.J. too. And maybe SI just wants Swisher to suck, too.

Katie said...

Maybe you're right...I mean, why else would they print a photo of him that looks like he's auditioning for the role of Male Cheerleader #3 in the inevitable "Bring It On 5."

Jeremiah said...

Oh well, could be worse... Cuddyer could have been injured again so he wouldn't make it to the Twins on Monday. DAH CRAP! Stupid voodoo doll! (notice I'm blaming everything on the doll?)

Katie said...

I blame Denard Span. I don't know who gave him the doll, but I don't like it.