Thursday, August 21, 2008

Christmas in August.

Not to brag, (or rather, to brag), but all of the players that I particularly love have been awesome the past two days.

On Tuesday, Brian Buscher proved again that Those Girls are not wrong when we are the only people in the Metrodome cheering wildly for him, even if everyone around us looks at us like we're crazy. And Nick Punto made that awesome play....also, once again justifying our cheers for him.

Yesterday, Mike Redmond pretty much won the game, giving me a lovely smug feeling of superiority over the D-bag Brewers fan I sat by on Saturday, who made a comment to his girlfriend saying "no wonder you guys suck, you have a back-up catcher as DH." Mike Redmond is godlike, and I for one am always, always, always happy when he's in the line-up.

Oh, AND Boof pitched two whole innings in a super close game and did not give up even one run. Maybe I'm biased, but that was huge. I was very proud of him. I wanted to tousle his hair and feed him a treat. Good job, Boof! I knew you could do it.

It was a very satisfying two games for me personally. It was a bit like Christmas, actually.

Now we just have to deal with 14 games on the road in a row. Awesome.

I hope they brought in a Sports Psychologist to talk to the team before they left. A few reminders about avoiding negative self-fulfilling prophecies could have been helpful. If you believe you're going to suck on the road, you probably will. One of my elementary school teachers had a poster that said "Think you can. Think you can't. Either way, you're right." They should have packed that up and taken it with them to stick up in the visitors clubhouse.

My goal for the team is a series split in Anaheim. I think a series split is totally Happy-Dance-worthy. Go team.


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Jeremiah said...

Yeah, it was a little sad that Punto made that throwing error (that Redmond was awesome upon saving and STILL nearly made the play at the plate) and then Punto misplayed a ball hit right to him, but he still scored one run (nearly two) and got on base twice. Even tiny superheroes have bad days.
And who cares what idiots say about Redmond. He's a great catcher, a solid hitter and funny as hell.
Anyone who doesn't cheer for Buscher doesn't realize he's going to be a great addition to the team. Although his throwing error was a little insane. He needs to remember that when you're 15 feet from the guy you're throwing to, don't suddenly pretend like you're at 3rd and he's at 1st and you have to throw it as hard as you can.

S.Rail said...

I just hope that this roadtrip doesn't end up like last year's trip. I think that a split is a good goal for the twins to have. Any win against them is going to be happy dance worthy!

BatKra said...

A split of the Angels series would make me insanely happy. All we need is for Scotty Baker to find his stuff, and we should be good.

Also, Casilla is back! Hopefully that helps.

Jeremiah said...

I'm a little sad they put Punto in the bottom of the lineup again and brought Casilla back into the top. Punto was doing really well in the 2nd spot, he'd gotten pretty hot at getting on base somehow, and I think with Casilla being out as long as he has, should be hitting in front of Gomez instead. Probably would have made this game a 9 inning win for the Twins.

Jeremiah said...

I totally love Nick Punto. And that's all that needs to be said about tonight's game.