Tuesday, August 5, 2008

At least my hair isn't on fire...

I learned an important lesson tonight.

There is no night that is so bad that it can't be made just a little bit worse with a humiliating loss to the worst team in baseball.

I think the kiss of death came when I thought quietly and secretly inside my head "Well, at least the Twins are winning."

In hindsight, that was a very risky thought to think...even quietly and secretly. It did not turn out well, obviously. I am, however, very glad that I only thought "At least the Twins are winning" as opposed to "At least my hair isn't on fire," or "At least the Earth's crust hasn't cracked open and swallowed my house into the molten abyss." I'll count my blessings, I guess.

On the bright side, at least none of our pitchers got Prince Fieldered. Seriously, watching the footage of that fight, if Manny Parra didn't wet himself a little when 3-times-his-size Prince came at him, I lose my bet. Terrifying! (However, even if he DID wet himself, he could always write it off as "Manny peeing Manny.")

Dear Nick Punto,



I'm not joking around about this, and I'm not giving you a choice.

Just do it, OK?

You're creeping me out.


Jeremiah said...

Oh come on! Nick Punto was awesome tonight! A homerun, 3 runs, 2 walks! Let him keep the goat. (Actually, I don't care if he does or not)

I actually blame myself for the loss. After the 6th, I said "Well, we're up 6-1, Glen is kicking ass, I'll check the weather in KC for Sunday since Bert made a good point about the heat." After we do nothing in the top of the 7th, I think "Meh, no big deal, I'll check out one of my new favorite websites to catch up on all the old articles..." Then all hell broke loose. I stopped watching after it was 8-6. Apparently my attention NEEDED to be focused solely on the game because as soon as I stopped, they started losing, and when I tried returning my attention to the game only, it was too late.

S.Rail said...

I couldn't listen to the game as I was too tired, but I left when the game was 6-0. (They're gunna win right?) I log on to the computer...and WHAT?? 11 to 6? 10 runs in the 7th? What is wrong with us??

Mrs. Slowey said...

you should read my fun tale about thursday nights game...i finally got a new blog up! ahh! i hate not having a computer at home. :)

all i can say about last night is...poor matty g. :( I don't like ot see him give up so many runs. then again, i went to bed thinking they would be okay without me...i was wrong!

TelegaWoman said...

I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. At 10:15, it was 5-0, and I said (again, out loud), "I can go to bed, right? I mean, they're up 5-0 and they're playing the worst team in baseball." Hey, at least the boys always know how to surprise us.

aprilzz said...

I agree, Punto needs to get rid of the facial hair! Mike Lamb too, creepy.

Anonymous said...

I advocate on behalf of Punto's moustache, as I would any moustache.

Plus, he's hitting well, so let's leave well enough alone.


JS said...

I was impressed at how Manny Parra maintained his composure under extremely frightening circumstances.

Katie said...

I agree. In that situation, anything above screaming like a little girl and crying deserves MAJOR kudos. Way to cowboy up, kid.