Friday, July 25, 2008

We should get to do that!

I saw yesterday that the White Sox have a promotion on their website to get fans to vote on songs for A.J. Pierzynski's at-bat music. When I saw it I could only think.......nothing, actually. I couldn't think because my thoughts were completely blocked by blinding jealousy.

should totally get to do that!

Some of our boys, *cough*Brendan Harris*cough*, simply cannot be trusted to make those sorts of decisions on their own.

The fans should help Brendan pick his music. After much deliberation, and knowing only that Brendan's personal musical taste could probably most likely be filed under "tacky"-- so I had to start from scratch, I made the following selections to choose from:

A. Mr. Roboto--Styx. I love this song. It should be someone's at-bat music. And the positive association with robots would probably make me like him more.
B. Under Pressure--Queen. Yes, there's the danger than uninformed listeners will think that it's Ice Ice Baby. It's a risk I'm willing to take.
C. Jump--Van Halen. No reason, I just like it. Who doesn't get a little bit pumped up when you hear this song?
D. Fortunate Son--CCR. I threw it in there, because maybe if he only listened to the beginning, we could trick him into liking it. A girl can dream.

I'm not going to say exactly how much time I spent thinking about this because frankly, it's kind of embarrassing. But, I think any one of these songs would be a huge step up from Cherry Pie. (Although maybe the game wouldn't be the same without the excessive sighing and eye-rolling Those Girls do whenever we hear that god-awful song.)

[EDIT: Poll results showed Jump by Van Halen to be the victor by a small margin over Mr. Roboto]

A couple other at-bat music wishlist items:

I'd love Joe Mauer's music to be the refrain from Champion by Brother Ali. It would be awesome. Trust me. It would make Joe seem a little more badass, and there's the whole local-boy connection there.

I also wish Redmond would give us a blast from his past and go with his old Florida Marlins at-bat music: Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot. C'mon Mike....please....just one game....

And on a completely different subject, which has nothing to do with baseball or Twins, but was funny enough to me that I needed to write it down...I had the following conversation with my mother yesterday and this seems like as good a place as any to share it:

Mom: I found the perfect hobby for you!
Me: Oh yeah?
Mom: Roller Derby.
Me: Mom, I cannot think of many things I'd want to do less than go watch Roller Derby.
Mom: Not watch! You should be in it!
Mom: No, I've been reading about it in Reader's Digest, and you'd be perfect for it. You could be all sweet, quiet and mild-mannered during the day, and then ruthlessly beat down your opponents at night! You'd love that!
Me: Well....yeah. But, Mom....I don't rollerskate.
Mom: A minor detail!
Me: Not that minor....
Mom: You'd get to come up with your own cleverly suggestive nickname!
Me: Oh, in that case....
Mom: It'd be a great way for you to use your competitive aggression.

Seriously, you elbow a guy in the throat one time during a 6th grade co-ed basketball tournament and you're labeled as competitively aggressive for the rest of your life. That guy totally had it coming, by the way.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

OMG! I know you'll hate me for saying this but I CAN picture you in Roller Derby. You would kick ass and not even bother taking names.
And...mooooving on: Sweet Baby Jesus, Harris does need a new song. I mean, I do like mocking "Cherry Pie" but I don't think we are the only ones laughing.

Jeremiah said...

Many of my friends are MNRG and NSRG. They're probably going to need a bunch of new girls, but I think recruiting is done for this year.

But trust me, it's way worth watching... playing... well, I was on the guy's league for a bit, and if it were as organized as the girls, it might have been fun, but it wasn't and that's that. To reprise my comment from earlier, somebody needs to take the voodoo doll away from Liriano!

Anonymous said...

Who is it that has ZZ Top's La Grange as their at bat song? I love that song. That being said, I can't tell you how many times my friends and I have left the Dome humming Cherry Pie. Embarrassing? yes. But effective. I'll give him that.


Mrs. Slowey said...

I love the roller derby convo!! OH MY! I laughed my ass off!! You should totally do it! :) We could all vote on your nickname top 5 to help you narrow it down.

Anonymous said...

Another thought after seeing last night's game... and finally being able to see Redmond play at the Dome. Did you notice his walk-up song? That terrible 90's one-hit-wonder: "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off (To Have a Good Time)"?

The song started and I thought, "what the hell." Then I realized it was REDMOND! Everyone's favorite naked man! I laughed til I cried!

So maybe Harris really likes actual cherry pie? Maybe he shows up at the clubhouse everyday with those little cherry filled pies from McDonalds? This could "warrent" further investigation...