Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scattered thoughts

So, tonight was a little bit sucky. My dad and I went to the game together . Which is admirable, for him, because he's really not that into baseball. Jim Thome started signing autographs for people right by us, and my dad was positively horrified when a couple grown men pushed a teeny tiny little boy out of the way, and got autographs while the kid went back to his seat empty handed. Moral outrage runs in the family.

Pre-game I got into a truly enlightening conversation with a guy who works for MLB. I got some major dirt, man. It was great, aside from learning a few things I really wished I hadn't.

Nick Swisher skipped pre-game warm-ups with the team, and was noticeably late running onto the field in the bottom of the 1st. I suspect he was performing some sort of mystical ritual sacrifice, which could explain why he was mostly impervious to my thoughts of good-will tonight. I tried to see if any of the bat boys had gone missing, but I couldn't tell.

Using my keen powers of observation, it really seems like there is some sort of bad mojo going on in the bullpen. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something seems amiss. It looks like certain boys are currently not on speaking terms. This is strange, because it's usually a pretty jovial crew down there. If anybody is heading to a game this weekend, you should go the full 2 hours early and watch how the pitchers are acting towards each other in the outfield during batting practice, and let us know. I'd do it myself, but I'm tired of driving to Minneapolis. Team chemistry is so important. If we can find out a) if there is a problem, and b) what the problem is, you can be assured, Those Girls will not rest until we help solve it.

I miss Alexi. Who'd have guessed I'd ever say that?

Hey! Here are some pictures of Nick Punto:

Did you know that Nick Punto's current batting average is higher than that of 2/3 of the White Sox starting line-up? True story.

Here is A.J.:

Yes, I still love him. I remain unapologetic. In fact, today I composed a little poem for him:

A Poem for AJ
If I even like you
on the Sox side,
I'll still like you
on Peroxide.

However, I think I did stare directly at the hair for a little bit too long.

I've had a headache I just can't shake for hours now. I may have had a seizure...I can't know for sure, but it would help account for the scattered nature of my thoughts tonight. I tried to organize them, but I gave up when it made my head hurt worse.

Here's a picture of Boof, just because I love him too and don't want him to feel left out:


Skippy tastes better than Jiff said...

Nice poem for AJ. He's so blonded that he almost looks like he has no hair.

PS-When one yell's "Blondie," is there every any doubt to whom it is intended? (Exceptions include Scandinavian countries and surf areas in California.)

Mrs. Slowey said...

i was wondering if you were throwing your good-will vibes toward swisher last night while i too was at the game, in crappy center field hr porch.
we did manage to piss the people off in front of us, who i don't think are ACTUAL Twins fans because we were cheering (loudly) for Boof and Co. and they didn't like it. OH WELL! Shouldn't go to a baseball game if you can't take the heat.
At least you got Swisher to run into the wall! That was hillarious!! I about died from laughter when he made that jack ass move! good job! :)
I'll send some good will vibes toward him tonight for you if you'd like!

Jeremiah said...

Ran into the wall? I hate work for making me miss that. I'll just have to look for it on the replay on FSN later.
The Universe tried to at least get you to watch Boof instead of Livan. Unfortunately, the only way to do that was to make the Sox score runs. *blech!*
And I just read that Griffey has been traded to the White Sox???
Talk about a conundrum... I hate the Sox, but Griffey has always been one of my favorites.

Mrs. Slowey said...

i just saw the Griffey news too! WHY CHICAGO WHITE SOX..?? gross.
just shows that baseball is a lot about money and such, even though manny rameriez says it's not about money.
Manny's deal might be close too. I'm praying it goes through. Manny on a NL team...ahh that'd be a dream!
If you watch Sports Center, they were replaying Swish's wall incident all morning!!

Katie said...

I LOVE Junior. If he had to go to the Sox, I sure wish they would've sealed the deal a day earlier so at least could have seen him.

Jeremiah, you read my mind...this is like the 3rd time my presence at the Dome has jinxed Livan so Boof could pitch. I even texted Jen from Lipgloss & Baseball that exact thing at the game. Sometimes I feel bad about it, but not this time because it could've been the last time I'll see Boof pitch for the Twins. Good Luck ever winning me over again Liriano, if that happens.

Jeremiah said...

I don't think anyone can jinx Livan... he's just not a great pitcher. He has good games, but he's still not great. And I feel bad for poor Boof. He was actually doing well until he gave up the HR.

Hopefully Baker does better tonight. I'll be listening for Harris's music tonight (if he ends up in the lineup)

linda said...

That was a great poem.
Moral outrage was surely appropriate. What a jerk!

JS said...

Carmen Cali's pitching in Pawtucket tonight.And Randy Ruiz is freaking killing us.

Mrs. Slowey said...

:) reported this...Jason Bay to Boston.

At least one of the players I despise is no longer in the AL